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Software Associates is a technology company with established software products and competencies in providing custom internet of things solutions. With 25 years of existence, we brings in a sound industry exposure and are considered as a reliable IT partner for SMEs. We help SMEs streamline operations and optimise profitability with sensible IT solutions.

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IOT deployments

IOT deployments and success stories Written by MACIEJ KRANZ Granted, to date most of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments have been incremental and evolutionary, streamlining an existing process here, cutting some costs or improving productivity there. That, however, is about to change as IoT ramps up, as standards are adopted, and as…

IOT Node-RED solutions

Node-RED solutions, MongoDB for IOT services We are among the pioneers in the IOT programming and product management space, with industrial deployments and IOT prototypes running in many countries for last 36 months. The following IOT technology solutions can be provided by our team to deployed in building  an IOT – remote…

Lights out manufacturing

Smart manufacturing – how it can be achieved with IoT The internet of things is making “things” smart. It has already had a huge impact on industrial processes, from assisting with automation to detecting manufacturing faults. It is also making smart deployment less expensive through the use of small sensors…

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