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Software Associates is a technology company with established software products and competencies in providing custom internet of things solutions. With 25 years of existence, we brings in a sound industry exposure and are considered as a reliable IT partner for SMEs. We help SMEs streamline operations and optimise profitability with sensible IT solutions.

Latest News

ZF Windpower – condition monitoring

IOT – condition monitoring ZF Wind Power is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tailor-made wind turbine gearboxes, and was integrated into the Industrial Technology Division as a business unit following ZF’s acquisition of wind turbine gearbox manufacturer Hansen Transmissions in 2011. ZF Wind Power currently produces at four sites,…

IOT for current monitoring

Current management solutions We integrate industrial grade current management IOT sensor devices , that are easy to deploy on existing electrical equipment to allow measurement of consumption of electricity – These solutions would allow perform energy audit of high consuming equipment, besides allowing zoning within an industrial area to understand how each department…

IOT remote inspection reaps benefits

IOT remote inspection solution has helped a leading power generation firm save thousands of Euros through reduced operational costs, improved accuracy and realtime time information.

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