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RTLS - Real Time Asset Tracking

Improve asset utilisation, inventory management

Real Time Asset Tracking Systems

RipplesIPS, RTLS software solutions for Real Time Asset Tracking Systems

Affordable RTLS technology for Real time locating systems to power efficiency, accuracy in stocktake, streamlining dispatches, improved reliability, and ease of use are some of the needs for breakthrough results for shop floor efficiency and asset management. RTLS solutions for Real Time Asset tracking systems in warehouses which reduces efforts in stocktake and inventory cycle counting.

Transportation Management Software

Ripples-FMS Transportation Management software with logistics portal, TMS software in Mozambique and Zambia

Improving visibility in transportation logistics, and warehouse operations using cloud enabled erp in transport management. A proven TMS software, secure & ready to deploy transportation software solutions for medium and large companies in Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Nigeria with different of TMS software modules to choose from, with customisation services.

Hospital ERP solutions on cloud

Hospital ERP solutions, software India, hospital management system India

Cloud ERP solutions in healthcare to optimize operations, and improve safety & patient experience with our enterprise cloud software solutions for specialty hospitals and multi location clinics across the world. Ophthalmology EMR, Eye & speciality hospital Management Systems. Well-oiled implementation processes. Immaculate support for 250+ installations across India, East Africa.

Hospital ERP solutions | Transportation Management Software

RTLS - Real Time Asset Tracking solutions. Enhance asset management, inventory stocktake

Robust, easy-to-deploy, low-cost infrastructure for realtime asset location tracking and cold chain network solutions for warehouses, hospitals, and factories.

Enhance customer experience using our RTLS systems. Improve workflow monitoring, process management to increase productivity. Reduce waiting times, ensure timely inspections.

Define go, and no-go zones for improving lone worker safety. Visualise shop floor workflow management systems for factories, and warehouses. Alerts and notifications. RTLS software data visualization tools.

Full-fledged, ready-to-deploy RTLS software on cloud, with gateway devices, asset tracking beacons and inventory management tags

Wireless deployment of real-time asset tracking systems for asset management in telecom towers, shipping and mining industry infrastructure.

CMMS software for improving asset management, preventive maintenance, and repairs tracking for telecom towers, mining, and shipping infrastructure.

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Netra - Eye hospital optometry management software systemVikas ERP for hospitals ; hospital management systemImproving patient experience. patient tracking systems. Surgical workflows, staff productivity, workplace safety, and asset utilization with RTLS systems

Clients and partners

Ripples-FMS Logistics ERP software has given us an opportunity to reduce operational costs and increase productivity in a short span of time. I thank the entire Ripples-FMS team, especially the onsite implementation group for their wholehearted support and coordination

TCM transportes, Mozambique. Choosing the right Transport management software

Celso Mesquita​

Commercial Director, TCM Transportes, Mozambique

“We also interacted with their clients, and end-users and also found their emphasis on quality products. Super post-installation and support and above all extremely good work ethics. They were our obvious choice” – Dr. YLR

Netra eye hospital software Bengaluru

Shekar eye hospital


“The Netra 2.0 Eye Hospital ERP  has not only modernized our operations but also enhanced our ability to deliver top-notch eye care services. It’s an indispensable tool for any eye hospital striving for excellence”

Netra software at BW west lions hospital Bengaluru

BW West lions eye hospital

“We have grown with SA-Vikas. We are very happy with the full version of the HIS. We have made the operations more efficient and we are proud to be associated with Vikas ERP for hospitals”

Vikas hospital management software

Bomu hospital, Kenya

Bomu hospital, Kenya

Wireless sensors, temperature humidity sensing of a 33 KV high voltage transformer. Thrilled to see the performance and the immense opportunity it opens for dashboard monitoring of critical assets like transformers and electrical panels. Thank you.

Balasubramaniam Somasundaram

Plant Engineering & Maintenance, ZF Windpower

“Now, I am able to spend more time for consultation and also with family.. thanks to  Netra software and benefits of erp in healthcare” – Netradarshan

Dr. Alpesh Toprani

MD, Netradarshan Super Specialty Eye Hospital