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Getting started in the new normal

Social distancing technology for warehouses, hospitals, mines, shipyards, offices

As industries globally get back to work after the long lockdown, businesses are pondering over the steps needed to keep the workplace safe.  Obviously, for most of us, our families, workforce, and clients are our priorities.

Getting 100% of our workforce starting to work from home at a short notice, we did remarkably well in moving all our tech support calls to the existing support portal and over the next few days, we were able to achieve the highest helpdesk support closures despite a surge in calls.


Workforce, wellness, and continuous learning

Our HR managers were on their toes to check with our workforce on their wellbeing, availability of hardware and software resources, work timing flexibility, etc to ensure this happens. Most of our workforce saved time in commuting and they used the opportunity on skills upgrades and attending online yoga classes.

We moved our entire sales process online and successfully conducted Webinars on smart hospitals, warehouses, supply chain, digital transformation etc

workforce monitoring solutions

IT support and customer engagement

The account managers were on their toes to call all our clients across Africa, India, and the Asia Pacific regions to enquire about their wellness, and assistance needed to ensure their business continuity.

Few wanted their system reconfiguration done to support uncertain times as their IT support staff were not available onsite, or poor Internet connectivity in rural areas hindered remote support. This is our 29th year of existence.

Solutions for the new normal – After Covid19

Post lockdown, getting back to the workplace was a challenge to many in the healthcare industry. For the logistics clients, their retail outlets were closed for a long time and shipment bottlenecks were here. The ones with 40+ workforce wanted to know how to improve workplace productivity, whereas, in the Africa region, the large logistics yards wanted contactless attendance monitoring implemented.

Django e-commerce shopping store for eye hospitals, laboratories, clinics for pharmacy, laboratory, medical checkup

Digital disruption is the new normal

The world has shrunk and digital disruption which was supposed to evolve over a  decade happened in a couple of months.  Customers want to deploy eCommerce and appointment systems, safe distancing technology for the workforce, and their customers alike. Digital payments gateway for online interactions using trusted providers such as m-Pesa, Razorpay, Payu, Pespal & MasterCard. 

Eye care hospital software from Netra

East Africa, India, Asia Pacific

The online installations of the Netra eyecare hospital software project being implemented on behalf of SunPharma are on schedule, with customers opting for online installation & training across 50 cities in India. We also shipped a few Indoor Air quality monitoring kits on behalf of Omron.


That is for the lockdown diaries, We will keep you posted on our future developments