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RipplesIPS - Warehouse inventory tags in Bengaluru for improving stocktake and cycle counting

RTLS inventory tags for inventory and asset tracking

Warehouse inventory tags in Bengaluru

Inventory tags for warehouse inventory stocktake management and pallet tracking can help immediate reduction in the time taken for inventory stocktake and inventory cycle counting activities in warehouses and production inventory, especially in the case of Industry 4.0 applications.

Choose the right type of inventory tags

  • Passive RFID (UHF): These offer long read ranges (up to 30 meters) and are suitable for pallet tracking and bulk inventory management.
  • Active RFID: These have their power source and offer real-time tracking and location accuracy. Ideal for high-value items or items in motion.
  • Barcode: Simple and cost-effective, but limited to line-of-sight scanning and requires manual data entry.
  • BLE tags: Lightweight, had a long-range and battery life of up to 10 years

Determine inventory tag placement

  • Location: Consider access points, potential obstructions, and proximity to other tagged items. Ideally, a mesh network will overcome obstructions and complex warehouse layouts
  • Orientation: Ensure consistent tag position for optimal read accuracy.
  • Surface: Choose adhesive or mounting options that adhere well to your inventory materials without damaging them. Most of the inventory tags are IP67-certified

Implement hardware and software:

  • Readers and Anchors: Choose compatible readers and antennas for your chosen tag type and desired read range. Preferably battery operated anchors ensure minimal wiring.
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS): Integrate your tags with an existing WMS for real-time inventory tracking, data analysis, and reporting for inventory stocktake accuracy
  • Mounting fixtures: Consider racks, shelves, or other options for secure and efficient tag placement. Inventree RTLS integration can be considered for a ready to deploy solution.

Inventory Tag encoding and labeling

  • Encode necessary data: Product ID, serial number, batch number, date of arrival or other relevant information.
  • Labeling: Ensure clear and durable labeling for manual identification, if needed.

 System testing and training

  • Test read range and accuracy: Ensure warehouse inventory tags are properly detected and data is captured reliably.
  • Train staff: Teach employees how to use the system, interpret data, and respond to alerts and notifications.

Additional considerations for Bengaluru

  • Local regulations: Ensure compliance with relevant regulations regarding BLE technology and data privacy.
  • Environmental factors: Consider heat, humidity, and dust in your warehouse and choose inventory tags accordingly.
  • Support and maintenance: Choose a vendor with reliable support and maintenance services to ensure system uptime.

Resources for deploying inventory tags in Bengaluru:

Remember, successful deployment involves careful planning, choosing the right technology, and thorough training. Consider involving a professional consultant or system integrator for complex setups for RTLS software

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or need help with specific aspects of deploying inventory tags in your Bengaluru warehouse for implementing FiFo models