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Ripples-FMS to boost logistics profitability and efficiency.


Ripples-FMS Transport Management software to boost logistics efficiency and profitability

Boost logistics efficiency and profitability with Ripples-FMS

Learn how Ripples-FMS can help boost logistics efficiency and profitability using a cloud-enabled Transport Management Software

Effortless Order Management from Port to Invoice

    • Seamless Port Booking: Simplify consignment booking through dedicated port integrations.

    • Automated Clearance Control: Manage document submission, taxation, and clearance with ease, eliminating delays.

    • Cost Visibility at Every Step: Track and capture detailed logistic costs for each order, maximizing profitability.

    • Proactive Alerts & Notifications: Stay ahead with automated email alerts for crucial milestones like port storage expiry, available loads, and document clearance completion using TMS-software

    • Customized Rates & Streamlined Management: Define and manage custom rates for each customer for optimal pricing strategies.

    • Invoice & Demurrage Control: Generate accurate invoices and manage demurrage charges for each trip effortlessly.

    • Fast & On-Time Invoicing: Dispatch transport management invoices promptly, ensuring smooth cash flow.

Boost Efficiency with Powerful Features of Ripples-FMS

    • Predefined Customer Rates: Automate pricing with pre-configured rates for each client, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

    • Seamless Invoicing & Demurrage Management: Generate invoices and manage demurrage charges automatically, improving operational efficiency.

Go Beyond with Advanced Functionality

    • Integrated Port Management: Streamline port activities with dedicated features for document handling, taxation, and clearance.

    • Cost Visibility & Optimization: Track and analyze detailed logistic costs for each order, identify areas for cost reduction and optimize pricing strategies.

    • Proactive Alerts & Notifications: Stay informed with automated alerts for crucial milestones, preventing delays and disruptions.

    • Customized Rates & Management: Cater to diverse client needs with custom rates and flexible management options.

Ripples-FMS Transport Management Software of

    • Effortless order management from port to invoice

    • Streamlined cost tracking and optimization

    • Automated alerts and notifications for proactive control

    • Customized rates and flexible management options

    • Fast and on-time invoice dispatch for improved cash flow

Boost your logistics efficiency and profitability today with Ripples-FMS transport management software