Caring for mother Earth

World environment day

It is not about how much we can afford to spend natural resources ; but a matter of leaving behind something for the next general to enjoy as well. We care for the environment and have been practicing, through trial and error methods.

  • We started with LED lighting at work place
  • Solar powered uninterrupted power source
  • Low powered atom processor machines for administrative work (including CEO),
  • Thin client workstations in helpdesk.
  • Intel NUC as server for development team
  • Replaced traditional aircon to Inverter based model
  • Installing a greentech compost converter from food waste
  • Screen saver activation during tea and lunch break
  • BEE five star rated equipment such as water pump, ceiling fans etc
  • Saying  no to plastic where possible
  • Double side use of printed paper
  • Encouraging purchase of fuel efficient vehicles
  • Use of traditional material for furnishing etc made by local artisans

There is a tree planting ceremony at workplace on this occasion


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