IOT solutions

Industrial grade IOT solutions – Wireless sensors, gateway devices, IOT platform for Indoor positioning with 5-meter accuracy. Completely wireless deployment.

Improve productivity, reduce costs, enhance customer experience using our massive scale mesh deployment on Bluetooth Low Energy devices that are easy to deploy, noninvasive and has a battery life of up to 10 years.

Locate people, inventory and assets on the move. Track their time spent in each of the pre-defined zones. Group people involved in tasks to understand productivity. Trolleys, bins, and pallets can be grouped to synchronize with production schedules.

An IOT solution that is easy to deploy, low in maintenance, deployment in under a week. Interactive dashboards on the edge gateway and cloud storage.

IOT development services

Node-RED solutions - We are among the pioneers in sensor integration,IOT prototyping, and product management space, with Digital twin industrial monitoring deployments in many countries in the last 6 years. The following technology…

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Node-RED Best practices

Node-RED dashboard development has gained wide adoption amongst the IOT community owing to its simple visual programming model, allowing data flow to be wired together and configured graphically. This enables its…

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