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Remote monitoring & tracking – 3 G / 4G solutions

The advent of mobile phones has changed consumer behavior and it is set to change industrial automation in a big way. The logistics supply chain in the farming industry requires increased efficiency to reduce costs by cutting wastage, increasing the shelf life of perishable goods, and the need to monitor timely dispatch and supply of raw material and finished goods. Earlier, GPS solutions helped logistics companies to track the movement of the fleet and associated cargo. Farm produce warehouses, refrigerated trucks, cold storage, retail shops, laboratories, hospitals, etc find this useful.

With the advent of 2G and 4G data services, the age of Cellular IOT is here.  To keep things simple, a Cellular IOT solution comprises a battery-operated module, set of sensors that will collect temperature, vibration, door opening, CO2 levels, etc, and transmit the data to a central location of your choice through a 2G or 4G SIM card.

The device transmits data to a central location using 2G or 4G transmission depending on the network availability in your country. The data is then integrated onto a web-enabled logistics management software for the head office to track, monitor the location and condition of the high-value assets.

Application areas of Cellular IOT in remote monitoring
  • Storage of farm produce in procurement centers
  • Farm eCommerce warehouse monitoring
  • Farm to form logistics supply chain visibility
  • Transportation of medicines to distribution centers and retail stores
  • Collection and delivery of laboratory specimen for test results
  • Monitoring of equipment in open mines, construction sites
  • Shipment from ports to logistics yards and customer locations
Cross border transportation

One interesting aspect of Cellular IOT is its ability to transmit data across multiple geographies, whether by road (Maputo to Harare) or Kuala Lumpur to Singapore) using a single SIM card.

The standard AA batteries of these devices can last up to 2 years depending on how often you need the information to be transmitted on to the software application.

Cellular IOT and mapping

The data transmitted can also be used to depict the location of the asset and provide the ability to geo-fence the truck or equipment in order to ascertain its scope of geographic usage.

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