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Cold supply & chain monitoring

Bio-pharma cold supply chain solutions, IOT sensors, Gateways - Webinar 2020

The cold Supply chain industry is going through transformation and IOT adoption is only going to accelerate and competitive nature of the industry through new business models. Read about our Cellular IOT solutions for cold chain

An interesting event related to supply chain logistics is happening soon “Bio-Pharma Supply Chain Exchange”. The Webinar is all set to be the Groundbreaking edition for the BioPharma player and will remove the split between the strategic vision and operational reality to set a remarkable phase for companies looking at the next phase of development. Do understand the importance of position in the competitive world and thus bringing the top-notch minds in an exclusive closed-doorINVITATION-ONLY Webinar to gain strategic road mapping techniques.

Gather on this result-oriented, value-based platform where the handpicked experts in the supply chain, logistics, distribution, planning, IT, quality and sourcing will meet and shape the future of their industry, because the companies’ best positioned to excel in tomorrow’s market will be those that master a broad set of technical and operational excellence, since “SURVIVAL OF FITTEST IN TRYING TIMES” is in trend.

Key Topics include:

  • Information and Communication Technology -Centralized Supply Chain Management
  • Advanced analytics foundation for long-term change management
  • IOT and Sensors- Ease Your temperature Controlled Supply Chain
  • Blockchain to unblock the hindrance of distance in the cold supply chain
  • M2M technology for Preventive and predictive solutions
  • Warehouse, indoor positioning & Automation
  • Regulatory Affairs and government initiatives for robust cold supply chain

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