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Wireless condition monitoring to scale

The webinar conducted by Treon alongside its key partners introduced the latest technological advancements related to condition monitoring. In the first section of the presentation, the team explained their role in the industry, business model, expertise, and gone through their devices.

In the next section, the presenter explained in detail about the condition monitoring, its importance in industry, and how predictive maintenance can save the downtime of the machines and cost for repairing.

Deploying wireless condition monitoring

Challenges in deploying the condition monitoring sensors both wired and wireless were explained and how Treon excels in these challenges. The features and working of condition monitoring sensors and gateway were discussed in detail. The architecture includes Treon nodes which can act as router/ non-router and a gateway.

These condition monitoring sensors measures surface temperature and vibration and sent it to the gateway using wireless technology.

Treon & Wirepas – an unbeatable combination

Treon uses Wirepas wireless technology for communicating to the gateway due to its scalability and robustness in architecture. We can configure the data type which the sensor sends like raw acceleration, RMS value of vibration, transmission period, etc. Treon can measure vibration up to 1 kHz frequency and 16G.

Ripples-IOT condition monitoring, Predictive maintenance using Treon and Wirepas

Predictive maintenance solutions

The predictive maintenance part and the analysis are done in the gateway and the data can be sent to the cloud or on-premise according to customer choice. The gateway and Treon nodes can communicate with third-party Wirepas enabled sensors without any issues. The mesh enabled anomaly detection device is enclosed with rugged metal construction, bolt mounting option, and IP68 ratings to withstand critical environment conditions. The battery life of these nodes is up to 7 years at 1 data/hour configuration.

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