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We deploy “machine wearables”

Today, we want to make every little object we own “smart and connected”. From our watches to cars to even home, we thrive to add intelligence to the “things” we deal with every day. We know the Internet of Things (IOT) may be a word that may be unknown to many, but if you look at the reality IOT is omnipresent in our day to day lives, a mobile phone being a perfect example. IoT simply connects inimitable devices to a network of other connected devices through the medium of the internet.

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Machines wearables are condition monitoring sensors

So if these IOT enabled gadgets can make such a difference in your day to day life, imagine how much it can affect the working of a factory or manufacturing units when the corresponding assets are connected. The “machine wearables” are the order of the new era in manufacturing. The most noteworthy point is that there are endless possibilities of such real-time monitoring devices in an industrial environment.

Wireless mesh enabled condition monitoring sensors

So what are these machine wearables and what do they bring to the table? Well, it is all about adding intelligence to your machines and equipment. The machines, be it legacy or ultra-modern ones are fitted with wireless condition monitoring sensor modules to track the working and environment condition parameters in real-time. The data coming from these wireless sensor modules can be used for tackling un-planned and un-predictive equipment downtime. 

Industry 4.0 is being adopted by industries across many verticals alike. The ability of machines, especially legacy ones to talk to one another through a series of connected devices has caught the interest of many industrial plant managers all over the world. These connected devices can help detect anomalies in these machines in real-time and round the clock.

So what all we can track using industrial condition monitoring solutions?

  • Environmental Conditions: The workplace conditions have a major impact in any production environment. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality, etc. have to be tracked and monitored continuously
  • Equipment Vibration: The excess vibration in the machines can be dangerous as it can lead to a total breakdown. It is important to track these excess vibrations proactively
  • Overheating: The most common anomaly we come across in machines is overheating. We can interpret overheating with not only the maintenance issues with machines but we can also correlate to other factors such as an increase in load, clogging of pipes, etc.
  • Abnormal Noise: If there are loosened machine parts or the machine is due for maintenance, there would be abnormal noises coming out of the machines. It is important to track these abnormal noises and detect issues beforehand.
  • Anomalous Tilt: Machines such as robotic arms should always operate in a certain angle, any anomalous tilt means, their purpose is not served and an issue can generate out of nowhere. It becomes crucial to keep check of its tilt for any anomalies. 

machine wearables, data visualisation tools, condition monitoring sensors, dashboard software

With such monitoring parameters, electronics manufacturing industries, smart factories are becoming more connected and intelligent. The biggest advantage of such sensor modules is that it can be fitted to any machines or equipment, be it flywheel, packaging machines, air compressors, gensets, or any such machines that are bound to breakdown from time to time.

The remote monitoring actually allows the operators to assess maintenance issues in these machines without going near the same. The information can be centrally stored in a server and with the help of proper visualization and data analysis platforms, the anomaly patterns can be identified and the maintenance personnel can be alerted of impending downtime and thereby helping them to have planned maintenance scheduled for such machines.

Condition monitoring sensors and data visualization

The advantage of such Industry 4.0 enabled monitoring solutions is that it could be scaled to the whole factory premises without much effort.  

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