CRISIL rating

CRISIL rating –  Software Associates India

Crisil rating - Software Associates

We started this year on a positive note. The CRISIL rating report came in today morning. We start with an SME rating of SE3 B – Moderate capability and Financial Stability. Good start for a domestic product company.

CRISIL SME Rating indicates the SME’s performance capability and financial strength. CRISIL SME Ratings are entity-specific ratings, unlike credit ratings, which are debt-obligation-specific. CRISIL SME Rating reflects the level of creditworthiness of the SME, adjudged in relation to other SMEs.

  • We are a ZERO debt organisation
  • Among the largest selling ERP solution and implementation services for hospitals and chain of clinics
  • Cross platform, distributed solution for supply chain / freight logistics / cargo providers
  • Serve over 600 SMB clients across 3 continents
  • Employ over 100 professionals from leading engineering / B-schools and technical institutions
  • India offices at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Kozhikode and Trivandrum
  • Overseas associates at London, Seattle and Singapore
  • European operations at Almere, Greater Amsterdam
  • Internet Of Things, Business portals, Asset tracking solutions

Best of breed technologies such as Drupal 8, IBM Bluemix, Thinkworx, Delphi seattle 10 to meet the requirements of global SME customers.


Industrial Internet of things solutions for factories, warehouses, hospitals, farms, construction sites, logistics eCommerce, retail stores

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