CRISIL rating –  Software Associates Info Tech. Pvt ltd

Crisil rating - Software Associates

We started this year on a positive note. The CRISIL rating report came in today morning. We start with an SME rating of SE3 B – Moderate capability and Financial Stability. Good start for a domestic product company.

CRISIL SME Rating indicates the SME’s performance capability and financial strength. CRISIL SME Ratings are entity-specific ratings, unlike credit ratings, which are debt-obligation-specific. CRISIL SME Rating reflects the level of creditworthiness of the SME, adjudged in relation to other SMEs.

  • We are a ZERO debt organisation
  • Among the best selling ERP solutions implementation services for hospitals
  • Best Ophthalmology EMR solutions for Africa region
  • Cross platform, distributed solution for freight forwarding, logistics / cargo providers
  • Serve over 600 SMB clients across 3 continents
  • 100+ professionals from leading engineering / B-schools and technical institutions
  • India offices at Bengaluru, Kozhikode and Trivandrum
  • Overseas associates at London, Seattle and Singapore
  • Indoor positioning systems – Worker safety, inventory trackers Asset tracking

Best of breed technologies such as Django, Python, Digitalocean cloud, Node-Red etc to meet the requirements of global SME customers.