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Partnership with diOS IOT building automation solutionsdiOS Owl.pngdiOS IoT

We are happy to partner with diOS IoT, a leading building automation provider in San-Diego, California to develop firmware and dashboard solutions SA IOT team (India / Singapore) provides the best in class wireless sensor devices, gateways, dashboard software, industrial-grade products for asset intelligence, environment monitoring, etc.

A building automation company built on today’s technology – not yesterday’s archaic controls.  Created from decades of frustration over the lack of competition, overpriced hardware, the painful roll-out of new features and complicated programming tools, we finally decided to do something about it.

With a Professional Engineering license in Control Systems (California – CS 7426), Mechanical Engineering & Commissioning background, the founder (PE, CxA, CEM, LEED AP) has seen it all when it comes to building controls and energy management systems and no one on the market today has it figured it out.

As a current successful small business owner providing control systems consulting and design work, he could easily keep going about his day supporting the lackluster product offerings and complaining about it to fellow engineers and contractors, but where’s the fun in that.