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eCommerce warehouse reports

The post-pandemic scenario is increasing the pace of digital transformation in many industries. However, a robust solution that works on desktop & smartphone devices (responsive design) will be needed to attract prospects and get them to buy from your eCommerce warehouse by increasing the customer experience and workplace safety. Trust can be improved by deploying secure layer programming & integrating reputed payment gateway providers

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Reports in eCommerce warehouse software

Once a visitor makes a purchase, it is important to have easy to understand reporting system to help in indoor inventory tracking, processing & delivering orders, scheduling store pickup options, reconciliation of digital payments against bank account, products below re-order level etc. Here are some of the report options available in our e-commerce warehouse solution with integrated indoor tracking.

eCommerce store reports for versatile online business

  • Location of warehouse inventory located at different zones
  • List of inventory items pertaining to a specific customer
  • Date of arrival, storage condition and arrival time
  • List of orders made during the day or between two given dates
  • The products to be shipped according to the pending orders, customer and shipping address
  • Status of various orders made over time, and their status – pending, processed, delivered,. etc
  • Products that fall below the minimum inventory quantity and their current inventory levels
  • The zone in which the product is stored, its data of arrival & removal date
  • The average temperature of the storage area to ascertain the life of perishable goods.
  • Customer database with mail id, contact address for sending promotional campaigns 

Our eCommerce warehouse and indoor inventory tracking solutions can be used by greenhouse farms, logistics yards, etc. Contact us today


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