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Netra 2.0 eye hospital management system on cloud

Compelling reasons to deploy Netra 2.0 eye hospital management system

While Netra 2.0 eye hospital management system offers numerous benefits, here are 10 key differentiators that set it apart from other eye hospital softwares.

AI-powered features: Netra 2.0 utilizes AI for functionalities like predicting inventory needs and potentially aiding in early disease detection through pattern recognition in electronic medical records (EMR).

Voice recognition: This feature allows doctors to input data into EMRs using their voice, saving time and reducing fatigue compared to traditional keyboard entry.

Multi-lingual support: Cater to a wider patient base and enhance communication with diverse populations by offering the software in multiple languages.

Global management capabilities: Manage group practices across different locations seamlessly, making it suitable for expanding eye hospital chains.

Netra 2.0 Eye hospital management system on cloud

Optometry machine integration: Streamline data flow by directly integrating with optometry equipment, ensuring accurate and efficient capture of patient test results.

WhatsApp messaging: Enhance patient communication and convenience by offering appointment reminders, follow-up inquiries, and basic information exchange through WhatsApp.

Hospital kiosk and token display: Modernize patient flow with self-service hospital kiosk for registration and a token display system to manage wait times transparently.

Detailed and insightful reporting: Gain a deeper understanding of hospital performance through comprehensive reports on various aspects like patient demographics, doctor-wise procedures, and even wait times exceeding 60 minutes.

Focus on data privacy: Netra 2.0 prioritizes data security by adhering to strict regulations and not sharing or selling any patient information.

Cloud-based system: Benefit from the flexibility and scalability of a cloud-based solution, allowing access to data and functionality from anywhere with a stable internet connection.