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Farm to fork logistics

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Farm to fork logistics software solutions

Farm to fork logistics software

Farm to fork logistics – With the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, consumers and businesses globally are adopting eCommerce and digital fulfillment models, whether it is about running a restaurant or organic farm or a cheese factory or microbrewery. Those businesses that adapt to build their operations such as last-mile fulfillment, traceability from production to the consumer using digital platforms will pave the cornerstone to become the next generation leaders

Three pillars of our last mile fulfilment farm & eCommerce logistics solutions
Monitoring kits

farm to fork logisitics ecommerce, fulfilment solutions

A range of wireless and wired devices for indoor tracking, industrial monitoring in factories, warehouses, distribution, in-transit zones, indoor farms, retail stores.  Integrated IOT farm logistics dashboards with data visualization, alerts, notifications. Deployable on cloud or on edge gateway devices.

eCommerce engine

ecommerce in warehouses - supply chain visibility

Manufacturer, direct to consumer and retail eCommerce solutions, with integrated payment gateways such as m-Pesa & Razorpay, equipment rental module, vouchers, offers bundles, suggestions, offers, warehouse space booking, last mile fulfilment options, 

Farm to fork Logistics 

supply chain visibility, ecommerce logistics, last mile fulfilment solutions

The farm to fork logistics platform comprises of two components. The first are the tools that provide supply chain visibility and traceability. The second aspect is the analytics reporting tools & alerts. The third is the information sharing model with all the stakeholders – farmer, distributor, logistics provider and finally the consumer.

warehousing ecommerce - shared economy in supply chain

Logistics eCommerce providers

Traditional logistics companies serving B2B customers will have low utilisation of fleet and warehouses if the do not adopt shared economy models, short term rental of warehouses, giving full visibility to the demanding B2C consumer. Similarly, excess capacity in terms of  temperature controlled space, equipment & fleet need to be rented out to save costs. Ultimately all logistics providers need to transform into technology companies

Factory and warehouse Workforce tracking, workflow monitoring solutions for warehouses, factories, logistics yards

Factories of the future – safety & productivity

For larger businesses, we provide productivity and safety technologies such as physical distancing, non contact body temperature along with attendance monitoring. Productivity aspects such as workflow, team acticities, compliances etc can be measured using bluetooth tags embedded inside safety helmets or employee ID card.

Factory and warehouse Physical  distancing technology for warehouses, hospitals, mines, shipyards, offices

Farm to fork logistics Supply chain visibility, traceability

The writing is on the wall. Direct to consumer businesses are going to transform man industries in a essential goods driven economy.  The fastest learner in the digital economy will be the winner. Hence, enterprises large and small need to make the move towards implementing digital solutions around eCommerce, logistics platform, last mile fulfilment to stay relevant and grow in the new normal. Read about warehouses of the future

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