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RipplesIPS - RTLS FAQ. real time asset tracking Frequently asked questions


The ultimate RTLS FAQ guide

RTLS FAQ – Real-time asset tracking-related questions by our potential clients, customers, and partners 

Q: Finding the Right Balance: Accuracy vs. Cost in Real-Time Asset Tracking

Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) offer real-time asset tracking, but accuracy comes at a price. While high-precision systems pinpoint assets within centimeters, they require extensive infrastructure and maintenance, pushing costs.

The key lies in finding the sweet spot between accuracy and affordability based on your specific needs. For instance, tracking expensive equipment might justify a pricier, ultra-precise system. Meanwhile, managing general inventory might be well-served by a more cost-effective option with slightly lower accuracy.

Q: RipplesIPS: Your Real-Time Asset Tracking Powerhouse

RipplesIPS is a cloud-based real-time asset tracking software that empowers you to know exactly where your valuable assets are, anytime, anywhere. With an impressive accuracy of 4 meters, you can say goodbye to lost equipment and optimize your operations.

But RipplesIPS goes beyond mere location tracking. It lets you categorize assets based on usage, type, and even physical location. Imagine grouping tools by department, monitoring critical equipment in real-time, or tracking employee movements for improved workflows.

Q: Does the asset tracking software have automation features for business rules?

Yes, our asset tracking software includes a powerful and easy-to-use rule engine. Set up automated alerts and notifications based on your specific business needs. For example, you can receive alerts when:

  • Employees enter restricted areas (no-go zones)
  • Inventory pallet tracking to easily locate the ones that are misplaced
  • Assets deviate from designated routes
  • Forklift safety tracking
  • And more!

Q: How can I track and monitor the activities of multiple assets as a group?

Our RTLS software offers a convenient asset grouping feature, enabling you to efficiently track and analyze the activities of multiple assets simultaneously. Common use cases include:

  • Tracking groups of interns or employees
  • Monitoring repair crews or maintenance teams
  • Overseeing bill of materials pallet movement in production environments
  • And many other asset management scenarios

Q: What is zoning in asset tracking software, and how can I use it to improve operations?

Zoning empowers you to create virtual boundaries within your physical space, defining specific areas for tracking and monitoring purposes. Common zone types include:

  • Departmental workspaces
  • Inventory storage areas
  • Customer service zones
  • Restricted access areas
  • And more! – RTLS FAQ

Q: See Your Assets Anywhere, Anytime: Remote Monitoring with RipplesIPS and RipplesCMMS

Worried about keeping tabs on your assets in far-flung locations? The dynamic duo of RipplesIPS and RipplesCMMS makes remote monitoring and tracking a breeze. Imagine instantly pinpointing critical equipment across telecom towers, sprawling bank branches, or vast logistics hubs – all from the comfort of your central control room.

Q: Unbreakable Mesh: Demystifying the Wirepas Network for Real-Time Asset Tracking

Picture a network that’s not just strong, but self-repairing and ever-expanding. That’s the magic of Wirepas, a low-power radio mesh network that connects your assets like a digital spiderweb. Devices talk to each other, relaying location information through gateways to a central platform, keeping you in the loop, no matter how remote your assets are.

Q: Real-Time Insights, Untangled: How Wirepas Mesh Powers Asset Tracking

Imagine equipping your assets with smart, talkative tags. These tiny powerhouses ping each other and gateways, whispering their location secrets. Gateways then relay this intel to the cloud, painting a real-time picture of your asset fleet on your screen. It’s like having eyes and ears everywhere, giving you instant visibility and control.

Q: Fort Knox on the Go: Securing Your Real-Time Asset Tracking Network

Data security is no afterthought. RipplesIPS takes it seriously, safeguarding your asset-tracking network with military-grade encryption and integrity checks. Think AES128 encryption, OMAC1 verification, and network-wide MICs – a fortress against hackers and data breaches. Rest assured, your asset intel is under lock and key, even as it travels through the mesh.

Q: Double Duty Hero! Can RipplesIPS Handle Cold Chain Monitoring Too?

Absolutely! RipplesIPS’s versatile infrastructure extends beyond just asset tracking. EN 12830-compliant cold chain monitoring solutions can seamlessly integrate, providing real-time temperature and humidity alerts for your perishable goods. Imagine ensuring the freshness of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, or even gourmet ice cream – all powered by the same robust network!

Q: Unsung Heroes: The Tiny Guardians of Real-Time Tracking

Meet the silent workhorses of RipplesIPS: miniature, battery-powered trackers that whisper location updates to the software at regular intervals. These discreet heroes keep tabs on your assets without adding bulk or fuss.

Q: Certified for Excellence: Trust RipplesIPS for Top-Notch Devices

Rest assured, RipplesIPS devices carry the badge of honor! They boast CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications, guaranteeing compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards. Trust us to deliver quality you can rely on.

Q: Powering Up: Unveiling the Battery Life of Asset Tracking Devices

Battery life isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. It depends on how often your trackers transmit data (think zone updates and timestamps). Expect a range of 3 months to a whopping 10 years – enough to power your tracking needs for the long haul.

Q: Open Skies, Open Tracking: Can RipplesIPS Shine Outdoors?

Absolutely! Open-air logistics yards are no match for RipplesIPS. Weatherproof anchor devices mounted on convenient poles keep your outdoor assets in sight, come rain or shine.

Q: GPS on Hold: Why RipplesIPS Prioritizes Battery Life

While GPS offers pinpoint accuracy, it comes at a cost: faster battery drain. To ensure cost-effective, long-lasting tracking, RipplesIPS utilizes alternative technologies. But fear not, future iterations might incorporate GPS for even more powerful solutions!

Q: Safety First: Does RipplesIPS Offer ATEX Certified Devices?

We understand the need for safety in hazardous environments. While currently not available, RipplesIPS is actively exploring the development of ATEX certified devices to cater to specialized needs.

Q: Fast Track Your Fleet: Deploying Real-Time Tracking in 10,000 sq ft (and Beyond!)

Wondering how quickly you can equip your 10,000 sq ft space with RipplesIPS’s real-time asset tracking magic? Under normal conditions, you’re looking at just 7 working days to set up and initiate trial runs. That’s right, from order to insights, within a week!

Q: Tailor-Made Tracking: Uncover RipplesIPS Costs for Your 10,000 sq ft Footprint

Every space is unique, and so are your tracking needs. To get a precise cost estimate for deploying RipplesIPS in your 10,000 sq ft area, ask our team for an asset tracking software pricing page. They will send you a questionnaire that helps break down and customize options to match your budget and tracking goals perfectly.

Q: Defective Device Blues? RipplesIPS Has Your Back with a 3-Year Replacement Warranty

Peace of mind is priceless. That’s why RipplesIPS backs its asset tracking devices with a rock-solid 3-year replacement warranty. So, in case any hiccups arise, you’re covered!

Q: DIY or Pro Help? Deploying RipplesIPS with Ease – Can RTLS FAQ help?

RipplesIPS empowers you to take control. Most deployments happen seamlessly with the help of our user manual, which guides you step-by-step through the process. However, if you need extra support, our expert engineers are just a call away, ready to lend their expertise to deploy your wireless mesh network onsite.

Q: Test Drive the Power: Experience RipplesIPS with a Free Trial Kit

Before you commit, try it out! We offer a low-budget Real-Time Asset Tracking Starter Kit, delivered straight to your doorstep in just two weeks. Get a firsthand feel for the magic of RipplesIPS and see how it can transform your asset management in your 10,000 sq ft space (or beyond!).

Do you have any queries that do to match our RTLS FAQ? Do contact us.