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Hospital patient portal ; Digital solutions for patient experience management

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Hospital patient portal software

Hospital patient portal software for healthcare workflows – In a fast-changing, disruptive, and digitally transforming world, there are many reasons for the digital transformation of healthcare services provided to the world. These new-generation technology solutions can be quickly prototyped, built, and deployed much faster and easily integrated with existing business applications to enable rich content, optical shop, multi-location collaboration, document management, project tracking, helpdesk, maintenance, and other functions that would improve productivity, reduce cost and increase supplier, customer and employee experience and satisfaction.

Key benefits of hospital patient portal software

  • Self-services provide convenience to the patient
  • Helps businesses to reduce overheads associated with hiring
  • Improved speed of response to business queries
  • Lower cost of ownership and serving the customer
  • 24 x 7 availability of information with online consultation software
  • Provide additional services and information
  • Accuracy of facts supplied to different stakeholders
  • Access information on smartphones and web devices
  • Handles higher volumes to enable the growth of the business
  • Helps key people focus on core areas of business

Hospital patient portal for enhancing the patient experience

For a hospital or clinic, it is about allowing patients and dependents to access the required information to allow improved safety, experience, and satisfaction or for the organization to prepare for NABH Safe-i compliance. For the chain of hospitals and clinics, it can be about process standardization, roaming patient profiles, or central inventory and maintenance tracking. These solutions integrate with Vikas 2.0 Hospital software in India or Hospital Management Solutions.

Hospital Portal software can improve front office efficiency

Apart from empowering customers and partners, businesses can also go about enabling ecosystem connections. For example, our systems now allow insurance providers and suppliers to interact with the business to help reduce transaction costs at both ends. Similarly, employee engagement for smarter teamwork, specialists, and consultants provided access to information on business operations or research aspects that would allow improved communication and clarity for all the links in the business chain.

Wellness Clinic portal & hospital portal software

Our new generation Hospital building automation software solutions run on E2Enetworks / Digitalocean servers, deploy in days instead of months, and work on all platforms and devices for your business operations to access information on the go. So, if you are looking for a reliable and long-term research and development partner who can harness the power of the open-source framework for your hospital business growth, look no further.

Hospital workflow safety monitoring

Netra 2.0 and Vikas 2.0 hospital real-time asset tracking software solution on the cloud platform integrates best-in-class Bluetooth mesh devices, that can be embedded inside safety helmets, visitor cards, and employee badges to help in monitoring people’s workflow – patient safety, staff communication, productivity, locator, group movement, monitoring inspections, repairs, medical rounds, maintenance procedures; correlate with duty timings, worksheets, Monitoring the store environment to improve hospital asset efficiency. Insight and patterns on idle time, hours used, utilization, power consumption, and maintenance through facilities management.

Contact us for an online demo of our hospital digital solutions or a free assessment for your organization on how our innovative hospital RTLS software solutions can help your multi-location business worldwide become smarter to serve more customers, reduce costs, and grow.