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Indoor location tracking software

Indoor location tracking – Define virtual zones to accurately measure and control the movement of people and assets in various zones. Define no-go zones for danger areas and. Alert on the gathering of the workforce which violates indoor physical distancing, monitoring those who are assigned to specific tasks, ensuring that routine jobs such as inspection, housekeeping are conducted at the predefined intervals.

Indoor location tracking software solutions

Indoor location tracking software – workflow monitoring in factories, warehouses, hospitals

Are you looking at a robust ERP solutions development company that builds indoor location tracking software solutions that monitors and automates your shop floor and workflow activities? The dashboard development team has proven expertise in indoor positioning, inventory & asset tracking, and condition monitoring solutions for motor pumps, compressors, and other plant and machinery.

Our core technology is based on a Bluetooth mesh network that can support up to 750,000 Bluetooth low energy beacons. To track workforce safety, inventory bins, contractors, nurses, doctors, patients, moving objects such as wheelchairs, and drill machines. Ensure that inspections take place on time. The enforcement of safety indoors, repair & maintenance, safety, and compliance aspects.

Added to this platform solution, is our sensor data visualization  on Edge gateway devices. The interactive dashboard is an ideal solution to have interactive readings for shop floor monitoring – basics such as Temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure Ambient light, etc.

Indoor location tracking software

We have partnered with global companies such as Omron, Dell EMC, Wirepas, STMicro, Treon, Ruuvi, and a host of vendors for hardware components, sensor devices, gateways, and firewalls. Bunch of beacons and sensors on the mesh network which would save deployment of repeaters and wired infrastructure. With battery life ranging from 5 to 20 years, weather protection through IP68 certification, and RoHS and CE compliances. We build our own wireless sensor modules for Indoor hygiene monitoring, retail store guarding, etc, where required. Read about our Node-RED middleware expertise.

IOT platform for workflow, indoor positioning dashboard on the edge gateway

Robust data visualization software for shop floor monitoring deployed on Edge gateway devices or cloud platforms. Dashboards that provide charts, statistics, alerts, outliers, anomaly detection functions.

A robust IOT platform to track and monitor the shop floor, onboard multi-vendor devices with the help of our firmware development expertise. Define virtual zones and track movement of production inventory, people, fabricated material, finished goods, factory inspectors, contractors. Know the utilization of storage spaces, warehouse racks, and bins. Understand the capacity utilization of leased spaces.

Share data using our API framework with existing ERP software in logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Indoor tracking software on Edge gateway

Social distancing beacons, indoor tracking, workflow monitoring

Grafana sensor data visualisation tools, Grafana development, Grafana developers, Grafana dashboard on Edge gateway

Edge devices & Indoor tracking dashboard software

The indoor location tracking software and solutions are engineered using open-source technologies such as Grafana, Django, InfluxDB, etc, hosted on AWS, Azure, or Digitalocean. The interface is intuitive and the design is responsive to ensure proper rendering on tablets, smartphones, and desktop devices. 

Call us to know more about our IOT platform, Grafana development, and data visualization software solutions on cloud/edge gateway devices for indoor positioning, inventory tracking, and asset monitoring.