Improve production process

Improve production process

Shop floor Indoor positioning & efficiency

Indoor positioning systems Singapore - factories - ship floor - inventory - warehouses

The smart logistics production floor is an all-important arena where manufacturing companies try to attain maximum efficiency. This can be achieved by higher throughput, improved quality, workforce safety – all with the help of facts and figures which help in informed decision making.

Our smart logistics solutions are playing a big role in improving the bottom line of manufacturing plants globally. Especially in sectors such as electronics and semiconductor equipment factories, the products pass through different stages and their movement within various zones and the time spent in each of these zones determines the overall efficiency and quality of the final output.

However, the installation of such matric measurement technologies has been either extremely complex to deploy, expensive to procure, hassles of wiring, powering and maintenance. These factors have been detrimental in deploying such productivity solutions in manufacturing.

With the advent of Bluetooth Low Energy sensor devices, the deployed devices and batteries sustain much longer lives, become affordable and easy to deploy.

The innovation in BLE mesh technology from leaders such as Wirepas has made technology accessible and adaptable for manufacturing companies to deploy on a large scale.

Benefits of warehouse indoor positioning systems
  • Understand the movement of pre / in production and finished goods across the shop floor
  • Time spent in each of the production zones
  • Compare the times across different period and understand efficiencies
  • Track the progress of batch production
  • Tag people and production batches
  • Easily track finished goods inventory
  • Know the movement of people and related knowledge transfer

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