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Industrial RTLS solutions

Bluetooth automation & mesh solutions – We have been providing RTLS platform development and prototyping solutions for the last four years. We have been catering to Industrial RTLS solutions across numerous verticals.

From supply chain visibility to smart farms, our main objective is to establish ourselves as one of the pioneers in providing affordable industrial-grade RTLS Solutions using software quality assurance methods.

Industrial RTLS solutions

RipplesIPS - industrial RTLS solutions with CMMS software for asset tracking and monitoring

We have developed custom RTLS prototypes for clients all over the world, from Telecom tower monitoring to factory workflow tracking. We have been working with different hardware platforms to develop these remote tracking and monitoring solutions for high-value assets and industrial infrastructure. Constantly monitoring temperature, humidity, and anti-theft techology for assets and inventory management.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh enabled Industrial RTLS solutions

One of the main things we emphasized during the design phase was our end product being a surface-mount device (SMD). Plugging in the components would be much easier and safer through implementing surface-mount technology.

Bluetooth module for circuit-level power optimization

Any circuit should have intrinsic low power consumption in order to maximize its performance. Taking a cue from that, we have tried to incorporate a regulator IC switch for better power consumption and regulation in the board. There are solutions that support WiFi, LAN and Cellular IoT technologies.

Bluetooth Low Energy module  – Five Analog / Digital Channels

There is an option to plug in a maximum of five analog or digital channels to connect temperature, humidity, vibration, and other sensors. Users can connect analog and digital sensors to the board. Every passing day, we are thriving to make our offerings better and become more technologically efficient.  A most noteworthy point is that it also gives us a launching pad for more innovations in the future. Finally, please free to share your thoughts on Bluetooth automation RTLS solutions. 

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