Smart factories, hospitals, warehouses

Shop floor workflow monitoring solutions

Our cloud enabled solutions for smart factories, hospitals, warehouses and construction industries are bundled with our application software and intelligent devices for indoor positioning, indoor inventory tracking, asset tracking, condition monitoring & environment monitoring etc.

Social distancing solutions - safety, productivity, operational excellence

  • Implement Digital twin for productivity cost savings and safety
  • Improve shop floor productivity by creating virtual zones
  • Understand shop floor workflow matrices, patterns & trends
  • Indoor inventory tracking from procurement to production and dispatch
  • Optimize inventory storage in warehouses & factories
  • Track contractors & workforce for safety & security
  • Monitor air quality for dust particles and volatile compounds
  • Monitor the condition of critical plant and machinery
  • Cloud-ready inventory tracking & asset monitoring software
  • Work closely with us through the project and derive the ROI
  • Ready to deploy Indoor social distancing solutions

We introduce our range of retrofit warehouse, Industrial monitoring and indoor inventory tracking solutions to help manufacturing, warehousing, construction & healthcare industries maintain equipment uptime, reduce environmental hazards, improve safety & security.

Low on maintenance costs, these wireless sensor-based industrial monitoring solutions are easy to deploy, do away with cumbersome wiring, electrical inspections, certifications, cabling maintenance, etc. Integrated with ready to deploy cloud-enabled software.

Our clients include leading names such as Henkel, ZF Gears, etc. Read more about Indoor social distancing solutions

Indoor tracking system for factories, warehouses & hospitals

Shop floor workflow monitoring, social distancing solutions -

Bring deep insights into what is happening on the production shop floor workflow using indoor inventory tracking for smart warehouses. Batch production, stages, people movement, inventory tracking, maintenance scheduled, ensure social distancing, shop floor workflow optimization. Delivered on a large scale, interference-free Bluetooth mesh network to locate objects with 5-meter accuracy. This is based on award-winning technology. Read about indoor positioning system.

Industrial equipment condition monitoring

Our cloud/edge gateway ready data visualisation dashboard has real-time charts that depict the working condition of various equipment. When your requirement for industrial monitoring goes beyond temperature and humidity, this solution is apt for real-time monitoring of critical equipment. Forklifts, cranes, CNC machines, Lathes,

Compressors, exhaust pumps, Power gensets, Laboratory equipment, Mixers, Grinders, chemical pumps, agitators, blowers, centrifuges, coaters, cooling towers, dryers, heat exchangers, metal detractors, ovens, pulverizers, tablet press, Sifters, spray machines, liquid tanks etc etc can be retrofit with our solution to provide real-time information on temperature, humidity, pressure, tilt, ambient light and 6 axis motion. Read about condition monitoring for smart factories

Motion, environmental and vibration sensing solutions play an integral part in modern Industrial automation systems. Linear or angular positioning, mechanical systems health monitoring, tilt sensing, shock or fall detection are some examples of uses. How wireless condition monitoring works

This dashboard software monitors in realtime, the working environment and location of physical assets located on the shop floor of factories and warehouses. Alerts are sent by e.mail or SMS when certain thresholds are crossed. Example – a sudden increase in temperature, change of physical location or movement during odd timings.

In a supply chain logistics environment, the arrival and departure information of cargo can be closely monitored, information shared with customers and suppliers to enable optimal inventory utilization.

Industrial environment monitoring – Indoor air quality, body temperature

The versatile dashboard software would display interactive charts, provide alerts on environment changes within an industrial complex. Monitoring air quality to ensure infection control, pollution,  intruder detection, temperate & humidity, ambient light, door opening and closing, noise levels.

The sensor modules can be expanded into a mesh network, that spans various locations within the campus.  The sensor module can support up to 5 different functions and there is a tamper-proof mechanism to alert abuse of the device / potential theft. Powered by battery, direct current or solar panels and provides an RS 485 interface to connect with various industrial equipment. Can be deployed for warehouse monitoring, hospital hygiene monitoring, etc. Read about some of the customised projects delivered.

Call us to know more about our cloud-ready industrial monitoring sensor solutions. Paranoid about cloud platform? Look no further to deploy our on-premise solution. Worried about closed systems? Ours is built on open-source platforms and provide no strings attached API to push data to an existing PLC system.  Read about IOT and competitive advantages