IOT for Industrial applications

IOT industrial asset monitoring, Indoor positioning, IOT platform

Digital twin enabled, indoor tracking solutions – Ideal for monitoring production shop floor trends, workforce safety, productivity, repair and maintenance, equipment tracking & warehouse inventory monitoring solution available on-premise and cloud platform. Unlike traditional products, these game-changing solutions integrate the best in class technology, cloud-enabled storage, data analytics to forecast results, monitor in real-time the indoor location, the threshold on temperature, space utilisation etc

For agriculture produce, it is about finished goods-in-transit wait time, indoor positioning, human detection, workflow monitoring, measuring warehouse operating environment, and energy management. Industrial IOT benefits are many.

IOT benefits in an industrial environment
  • Measure – Monitor – Control

    Measure the outcome of physical asset maintenance in a farming or manufacturing environment or refit activities before and after they occur and use the information to schedule maintenance activities and retrofits based on measured business value.

  • Efficient supply chain logistics:

    Track the movement of high-value cargo from production to dispatch, warehousing, and retail point. Monitor the environment and handling conditions in warehouses, energy consumed, irrigation, fertigation, building management,  automated entry, and exit, enforce social distancing, people tracking.

  • Business Process Management:

    Achieve higher effectiveness of planned Agri cargo movement, scheduling activities that enable more effective use of resources. Tracking scheduled and unscheduled activities, optimizing farm automation spares inventory, monitor and control functions across large plantation holdings. Read our IOT deployment stories

  • Proactive preventative maintenance:

    A significant cut in costs and improved productivity by identifying physical asset failures ahead of time – preventing and eliminating unscheduled and high value fixed asset downtime that would disrupt customer services, production, and product dispatches.

Optimize equipment efficiency :

Real-time usage data from high-value industrial equipment at the warehouse helps ensure that each critical of the critical components are running optimally and efficiently and to its full capacity.

IOT deployment with wireless sensors

  • Long-range, high autonomy Bluetooth mesh devices – Our solution integrates sensors with 10-year battery life / solar-powered and handles high volume data to provide business insights for operational efficiency.
  • Classification of physical assets – like containers, production equipment, trucks, warehouse zones, portable machinery, leased equipment.
  • Manufacturers & suppliers – Tag physical assets on the basis of manufacturers and suppliers for improved reporting and communication with stakeholders.
  • Locations – Physical location of fixed assets. Current location, original location, remote location monitoring, movement of objects between locations, last moved objects, accidental shock, tilt.
  • Physical assets information – Purchase date, serial numbers, warranty, guarantee, user manuals, visual image.
  • Breakdown reporting – Call ticketing system comprising of fault report entry, assignment, tracking & call closure.
  • Wireless sensors – Temperature & humidity threshold, unusual activities, predictions on soil moisture, rainfall, detection of  intruders.
  • Preventive maintenance – Date of maintenance, hours run, consumables to be replaced,  scheduling, assigning service engineers, remote location recordings, machinery repair tracking.
  • Energy audit – Deploying noninvasive current measurement sensors to know electricity consumed and correlate with maintenance and equipment usage activities and to provide maintenance accordingly.
  • Application areas – Farm automation, intelligent buildings, workflow tracking, energy management, pharma cold chain, food industry compliance, in-transit cargo theft prevention.
Digital twin platform on the cloud & edge gateway devices

Our digital twin industrial applications are designed and deployed in a cloud hosting environment. This means you do not have to incur any costs related to purchasing servers or networking devices.  

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