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IOT case studies

IOT implementation case study examples

IOT case studies – Off the shelf and custom indoor positioning, tracking & monitoring solutions. Here are some of the IOT case study examples, executed for our global clientele by our projects & development team. The team has extensive knowledge and exposure to sensor data visualisation tools, Bluetooth, LoRa and Cellular device integration. Here is a brief of IOT success stories

IOT case studies - indoor asset tracking, inventory management

B2B eCommerce store for a food distributor in Australia – Proof of concept deployment iot use cases.

The food distribution company wanted us to build an eCommerce store integrated on to the warehouse monitoring system so that clients would have direct access to information regarding the arrival time and storage condition of the perishable goods. Older products were sold at discounted rates. We integrated the solution to provide seamless transparency in the network.

Django Oscar eCommerce engine, Ruuvi tags, Wirepas licence, InfluxDB, Node-RED, Bluetooth Anchors and indoor tracking use cases.

Farm produce transit and distribution monitoring – Nederlands. internet of things iot case study

This distribution company wanted to monitor the temperature of the vegetable trays being transported from the farm to distribution centers and retail stores. The pricing of the products was based on a variance in temperature while shipment and the transporter invoice was adjusted on a performance basis.

Ruuvi tags, data loggers, Bluetooth gateway, edge gateway, SensorVision, InfluxDB, Node-RED, secure web application, DigitalOcean cloud. 

Smart farm monitoring IOT case studies – For Indoor greenhouse in Kenya

To monitor GPS, temperature, humidity, water flow, and moisture values from solar powered sensor nodes and pass these values to a gateway using the Xbee network. The gateway controls irrigation based on these values, which are customizable using SMS commands. Data and alerts are sent to the farmers regularly 24×7 to their mobile phones.

Industrial gateway, Xbee mesh (our product), DHT11, GPS module, GSM Module, Moisture Sensor, Flow Meter, Solenoid Valve, Solar Panels, Rechargeable Battery

Transformer monitoring system for large industrial house in India. An iot case study for digital twin in manufacturing

Deployment of temperature monitoring sensors, integrated with gateway and on-premise dashboard which gave alerts and notifications when temperature exceeded the predefined limits.

Node-red middleware, RFID temperature sensors, Intel NUC as edge gateway, ELA Blue T, Sensor data visualisation tools

Weather station for a school at Singapore. Indoor air quality in schools.

Integrated dashboard solution and outdoor solar panel charging, battery-powered weather station which provides wireless information to an edge gateway device. The data is shared on the local network for monitoring indoor air quality in schools.

Rpi, Zigbee mesh (our product), ESP32, Node-Red, SensorVision, IAQ sensors, solar panel, charging circuit, rechargeable batteries, weatherproof enclosure, long-range antenna.

Cattle farm. Water trough monitoring system – Australia

To implement a LoRa WAN gateway using RPi that will accept data from water level detectors and push to AWS. A mobile app to read the water levels of all the tanks, grouped into different zones. Push notification when water levels in trough drop too low.

Industrial gateway, LoRaWAN, C++, Contact Type Water Level Sensor, AWS EC2, PHP, MySQL, IntelXDK, GCM

Smart kiosk for a factory in Canada

Built sensor module which sends details of temperature, humidity, the proximity of visitor to the kiosk and ambient light, sending these details over to the admin’s console and triggering a set of actions based on the thresholds set for these parameters.

STMicro, DHT22, Reed switch, Ultrasound range detector, Ambient Brightness Sensor. Python.

Anomaly detection in industrial cranes and elevators – India

The industrial house wanted a wireless mesh solution that monitored their heavy duty cranes, carts and elevators for abnormal behavior. We built a solution using Bluetooth sensors and gateway devices.

Bluetooth accelerometers, gateway devices, edge storage, Sensor data visualisation tools, Node-Red, InfluxDB, hastic time series anomaly detection

Commercial space security monitoring – India

The partnership firm is a leading accounting agency, having high profile business houses as their consultants for financial and legal matters. They wanted an alert system to ensure the people do not enter the record room or open cupboards during nonoffice hours. We built a simple security system based on Wirepas mesh devices with configurable alerts on instant messenger.

Bluetooth tags with accelerometer, Gateway devices, cloud environment, Node-Red, instant messenger API, indoor positioning beacons

Retail store monitoring kit, United Kingdom

Solution built for a chain of retail laboratories. Wanted to measure the body temperature of staff & customers, attendance monitoring, indoor air quality, and temperature inside the reagent storage containers. Alert on power failure, abnormal values, e.mail notifications.

ESP32 module, RFID tags, Bluetooth beacons, noncontact thermal scanner, Node-REd programming,dashboard, DigitalOcean cloud platform, SensorVision

Indoor Air Quality & ventilation monitoring, Bengaluru, India

The client is a leading ophthalmology center having multiple operation theaters. The requirement was to install indoor air quality monitoring modules with a central dashboard with alerts and notifications. End of day and week summary reports for accreditation purposes.

Xbee mesh, IAQ sensors, Grafana, Rpi gateway, Node-Red programming

A web application designed in the SaaS model to remotely manage the building automation controllers installed on university campus.

 It provides a SCADA like UI and hardware abstraction to control the automated sub-systems like HVAC, Security, Safety, etc. Pro users are offered programmable data aggregation and flexible rules management facilities.

Mean Stack, AWS, FRED (Node-RED platform), JWT (for single SignOn and authentication), MQTT broker, Web Socket, Building Automation Controller PiCube

Proof of Concept for a multi national logistics company in Singapore – Digital twin in smart manufacturing

This logistics company is in the process of building smart warehouses for their clients in electronics manufacturing. Providing value-added services in tracking procurement and production supply chain. Tracking half full, empty bins, trolleys with 5-meter accuracy within the shop floor.

Wirepas licence, on-premise edge gateway, Node-Red, secure Django application, InfluxDB, Bluetooth indoor location tracking sensors for iot case study in manufacturing

Rpi gateway integration with AWS IOT platform

To create a basic device-cloud integration model consisting of an application in Raspberry Pi that captures data through GPIO and a configuration of AWS services to store the captured data.

One wire protocol, Industrial Gateway, Python, AWS IoT, Grafana dashboard, DynamoDB, MQTT, DS18B20

Digital twin IOT case studies & development of sensor data visualization tools

Contact us for more information on our indoor positioning, indoor location tracking & monitoring solutions. IOT starter kits for deploying Digital twin in healthcare, digital twin in manufacturing, digital twin in logistics.


Industrial Internet of things solutions for factories, warehouses, hospitals, farms, construction sites, logistics eCommerce, retail stores

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