IOT projects completed

IOT projects completed

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Industrial monitoring solutions

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Here are some of the IOT case studies executed for our global clientele by our IOT projects & development team. The team has extensive knowledge and exposure to emerging technologies such as Wirepas, Grafana, InfluxDB. Here is a brief of IOT success stories

IOT case studies – Zigbee, LoRa, Cellular IOT & Blue tooth Low energy

Bluetooth Low Energy sensors for asset tracking. 500 meter range, 10-year battery life

Cellular IOT for Supply chain visibility. 3 / 4 G solutions with global connectivity.

Industrial condition monitoring. Wireless mesh-based solutions for smart factories.

Greenhouse Automation To monitor GPS, temperature, humidity, water flow and moisture values from solar powered sensor nodes and pass these values to a gateway using the Xbee network. The gateway controls irrigation based on these values, which are customizable using SMS commands. Data and alerts are sent to the farmers regularly 24×7 to their mobile phones. STmicro, Industrial gateway, Xbee module, DHT11, GPS module, GSM Module, Moisture Sensor, Flow Meter, Solenoid Valve, Solar Panels, Rechargeable Battery
Smart Kiosk Sensor unit which sends details of temperature, humidity, the proximity of visitor to the kiosk and ambient light, sending these details over to the admin’s console and triggering a set of actions based on the thresholds set for these parameters. STMicro, DHT22, Reed switch, Ultrasound range detector, Ambient Brightness Sensor. Python, .NET
Raspberry pi integration to AWS IOT To create a basic device-cloud integration model consisting of an application in Raspberry Pi that captures data through GPIO and a configuration of AWS services to store the captured data. One wire protocol, Industrial Gateway, Python, AWS IoT, Grafana, DynamoDB, MQTT, DS18B20
Building Automation System A web application designed in SaaS model to remotely manage building automation controllers installed on campus. It provides a SCADA like UI and hardware abstraction to control the automated sub-systems like HVAC, Security, Safety, etc. Pro users are offered programmable data aggregation and flexible rules management facilities. MEAN, AWS, FRED (hosted Node-RED platform), JWT (for single SignOn and authentication), MQTT, Web Socket, Building Automation Controller PiCube
Office environment monitoring Singapore A custom solution using Sigfox IOT sensor that transmits Humidity, Temperature and Ambient light to Cumulocity cloud platform IOT success stories -Unashield, Sigfox, Sensors, Cumulocity
Buffered AMQP node Customization of the AMQP node in NodeRED to make the messaging reliable. Incoming messages are buffered while the RMQ server is down. Credentials to RMQ server are encrypted. Implemented OpenSSL security for the AMQP channel in RMQ server. Node-RED, Python, AMQP, RabbitMQ, OpenSSL, Wirepas, BLE beacons IOT projects completed
Water trough monitoring system To implement a LoRa WAN gateway using RPi that will accept data from water level detectors and push to AWS. A mobile app to read the water levels of all the tanks, grouped into different zones. Push notification when water levels in trough drop too low. Industrial gateway, LoRaWAN, C++, Contact Type Water Level Sensor, AWS EC2, PHP, MySQL, IntelXDK, GCM


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