IOT development company
Monitoring Dashboard Development, Node-Red Sensor Integration, IoT Platform Development Company, Grafana Sensor Data Visualization Tools

IOT development company

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IOT development company, Grafanacon 2020, Grafana dashboard, node-red sensor integrationEdge gateway data visualisation tools

Setting up a captive offshore IOT solutions smart industry or Industry 4.0 product development lab on your own, with market focus and research and development resources is an expensive and risky proposition for electronics businesses in Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Germany. Besides, IOT product development using Grafana dashboard development, Node-red sensor integration, sensor data visualization tools & anomaly detection require an innovative mindset, skills, and development process backed by adequate inhouse access to gateway engineering skills, sensor modules, wireless devices, firmware programming, and electronics  & automation ecosystem

Grafana dashboard & Node-red sensor integration.

We bring the experience, IOT platform and Node-REd sensor integration expertise, trust, credibility, and the track record spread over 20 years in providing sensible software products and IOT sensor integration,  configuration  & integration services with a focus on small businesses, to help you succeed in your markets – besides enabling in bridging the cultural gap while working with an on-site offshore research and development team – we do know how to say NO needed !!

Our SmartIndustry / Industry 4.0 offering to your industrial automation company is a mix of on-site and offshore IOT application development, indoor positioning engine, workflow tracking, shop floor monitoring, asset tracking, condition monitoring, IOT sensor deployment, data analytics, anomaly detection on Edge gateway and cloud storage.

We manage long term, dedicated IOT development & research and Node-red sensor integration teams for industry verticals such as health care, supply chain logistics and retail sectors to provide you with a well-integrated communication and product management methodology around SmartIndustry and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

IOT platform integration & prototype development

  • SmartIndustry and Industry 4.0 initiative for European businesses
  • We practice Blackblot product management methodology
  • Design science research capabilities / lean business models
  • Access to scientific talent from the best of  Indian / European universities
  • On-time delivery in almost every project we handled till date
  • Excellent communication and collaborative tools for you to monitor projects
  • Great team of project and account managers to ensure project success
  • Supply chain logistics ERP solution. Supporting a few Asia Pacific, East Africa clients
  • Configuring open source collaboration and Social Intranet solutions for hospitals and clinics
  • Domain knowledge in handling multi-location operations management for supply chain logistics sector
  • Capable of integrating sensors around SmartIndustry concepts for supply chain / Agri industries
  • Indoor positioning, environment monitoring, and condition monitoring solutions.
  • Fullstack development includes Grafana, InfluxDB, Wirepas, BLE gateway firmware.
  • The subsidiary company at Singapore to cater to the Asia Pacific region

If you are an independent consultant or an IOT consulting firm or an ICT company based out of Spain or neighbouring regions such as Belgium, Denmark, France, Canada, Luxemburg, Singapore or Germany – looking at leveraging on your core competency into an out of the box software or technology solution – for Smart Industry and integrating smart sensors and IOT platform software using leading-edge tools to bring competitive advantage to your clients – look no further.

Grafana dashboard, Node-RED sensor integration

We continuously add competencies to our existing product development skill and business solution skill sets and the team is headed by senior engineers and architects who bring over 20 years of international engineering expertise, managing complex products on a cloud platform for hospitals, chain of clinics, supply chain logistics, shipping, and freight logistics verticals.

If you are looking at an on-demand and scalable IOT development team for digital transformation and product development partner with smart sensor integration solution providing expertise around small businesses – we are your natural choice.  Our expertise is backed by local presence to support you on technology development and marketing support or for research on new technologies for Industry 4.0 and Smart Industry initiatives.

Call us to know more about our IOT development services around ESP 32 IOT, Grafana Development and Node-red sensor integration for industrial automation. Meet us at Grafanacon


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