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IoT development company for Indoor positioning, realtime asset tracking, inventory, worker trackingIOT development company India - low code sensor data visualisation tools.

IOT Development Company India

IoT development company for realtime asset tracking, indoor location tracking, product development using sensor data integration, Sensor data visualization tools, & anomaly detection for equipment monitoring, an innovative mindset, skills, and development process backed by adequate finances.

An indoor positioning system, and realtime asset tracking solutions for implementing Industry 4.0 practices. A product development lab of your own, with market focus and experienced research and development resources. 

IoT development for realtime asset tracking

We bring experience, IoT platform and data analytics integration expertise, trust, credibility, and a track record spread over 30 years in providing reliable software products.

IoT development company for realtime asset monitoring

  • Indoor location tracking, indoor positioning, anomaly detection
  • Smart Industry and Industry 4.0 Initiative for European Businesses
  • We practice product management methodology
  • Design science research capabilities / lean business models
  • Access to scientific talent from the best Indian / European universities
  • On-time delivery in almost every project we handled to date
  • Excellent communication and collaborative tools for you to monitor projects
  • Great team of project and account managers to ensure project success
  • Supply chain logistics ERP solution. Supporting the Asia Pacific, and East Africa clients
  • Domain knowledge in handling logistics management for supply chain logistics
  • Capable of integrating sensors around SmartIndustry concepts for supply chain
  • The subsidiary company in Singapore caters to the Asia Pacific region

If you are an independent consultant or an IoT consulting firm or an ICT company looking at leveraging your core competency for Smart Industry, and integrating smart sensors and IoT platform software using leading-edge tools to bring competitive advantage to your clients – look no further.

IoT development in indoor realtime asset tracking

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