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IOT erp integration ; sensors and erp api ; sensors and erp interfaces

Industrial IOT applications has a huge impact on how the future factories and supply chain logistics are operated and managed. Here are some of the views from SAP on its impact.

  • Asset management : To reduce the maintainance cost companies will listen the machine voice with the sensors. They reduce the time to make repair planing etc
  • Transportation management :  Cellular IOT provides end to end visibility for the vehicles. ERP uses the data which is comes the IOT to reduce the cost, to make faster shipment process and to make better the inventorty accuracy.
  • Work Management : IOT will allows you to visualize where is your work order and where is your worker. In the ERP, user will monitor them and create the notification related to the their real places.
  • Manufacturing : Depends on the manufacturers’ works IOT apps will be used efficiently. IOT can be used for tracking all of parts’ supply pipeline so manufacturers know where all parts are located with the help of indoor positioning systems. Also for example, during plastic manufacturing PP users can monitor temperatures to ensure their product was being created under the most favorable conditions.
  • Retail: Using IOT enables to follow in store experiance and smart sales. For example with the smart price tags can be changes in real time based on demand and customer density.
  • Construction : Tag the construction workers with smart sensors to understand their utilisation, movement and to improve safety.

Our Industrial sensors and software applications have an integrated API to enable supply chain visibility, factory shop floor automation, people safety and maintenance management.


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