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Warehouse inventory management, tracking, and monitoring

RipplesIPS - RTLS enabled warehouse inventory management software

Warehouse inventory management, workflow tracking -The Industrial Internet for smart warehouses will dramatically help in bringing new business insights – operational aspects which will help improve productivity and efficiencies in the unloading, cargo inventory storage, cold chain & loading processes for efficient production floor management using low cost infrastructure. The solutions are built using low code platform and customer centric project management to ensure consistency and stability.

Warehouse monitoring – workflow & warehouse inventory management

Warehouse shop floor managers can have visual maps of what is happening in the storage areas. With the help of award-winning, mesh enabled, wireless warehouse tracking solutions, movement of inventory and people, monitoring of temperature & humidity, cargo movement etc can be accurately mapped on the floor plan. An accuracy of 3 meters will help gain insights on batch processing stages, efficiencies, indoor tracking analytics, workflow mapping etc.

Once the material is in the warehouse, the inventory itself records any deviations from the standard process, determines when it’s “done,” and knows how to get to its customer. (Source IIC)

Data visualization for warehouse inventory management shop floor tracking

All of the below functions are depicted on our dashboard software which provides real-time information on many of the critical parameters enabled and captured by our solutions for IoT in manufacturing. IoT data visualization tools provide a comparison of real-time and historical data for effective production floor management and fleet management

Warehouse monitoring of worker safety & security

Workplace safety health Singapore - IOT in manufacturing

Bluetooth low-energy beacons with RTLS software can be deployed as safety helmets to ensure lone worker safety in smart warehouses. Also used to monitor the opening and closing of loading bays, equipment panels, behavior of forklifts etc, unauthorized opening of equipment, intruder detection, etc

Warehouse worker tracking

In large warehouses, where employees arrive by buses provided by the company, our solutions allow capture of the entry and exit of the workforce at the gates. Physical distancing norms can also be monitored inside warehouses. Visitors can also be tagged to know their whereabouts, movement to restricted areas, etc. Attend our RTLS workshop in Bengaluru to know more.

Warehousing inventory management tags

Raw material arrival & dispatch – Automatic reading of high-value inventory, comprising raw materials and finished goods and their movement within the manufacturing departments – storage yard, warehouse, production area, finished goods, and packaging. The storage conditions and handling of sensitive equipment can be monitored, besides the chances of potential theft.

Warehouse inventory, production floor management – inventory, worker, equipment, and workflow tracking can help in optimizing costs and maintaining uptime. Call us for a demo today !!