Location tracking, monitoring

IOT platform  for Indoor positioning & asset tracking

IOT platform software for Indoor tracking in warehouses or outdoor tracking in yards, our 5 – 5 – 5 mesh enabled application is best suited for understanding movement of goods and people within warehouses, yards, mines, and shipyards. The accuracy provided is within 5-meter range. Indoor positioning systems help in optimizing inventory and space optimization. Tracking and movement of forklifts would also help in improving safety and productivity in warehouses.

IOT software - warehouse inventory, factory asset monitoring, tracking solutions with indoor positioning

Our integrated IOT indoor tracking platform software solutions for supply chain logistics visibility includes integrated devices, the necessary software, and data visualization tools that help in tracking high-value goods within a warehouse and outdoors. Now it is easy to track the position of stationary trailers, mining trucks by plotting them on the map.

IOT indoor tracking platform software – reduce costs, improve efficiencies

Our inventory tracking solutions comprise of BLE, GSM devices with long battery life, GPS, Temperature. CO2, Shock sensors, Visualisation dashboard, and full-fledged Logistics management software. These solutions can help in optimizing production and warehouse storage space, just in time inventory management, reducing cargo theft, improving logistics handling, tracking valuable spares, improving reporting time, and providing customers with transparency on despatch and arrivals.  As an example, electronics, pharma industries can optimize production schedules.

Cellular IOT platform software & devices – Trailer tracking & fleet monitoring

Mapping the driver along with the truck or cargo carried will help in monitoring the route and the performance of the driver. Besides trip expenses and mileage can also be logged using a manual or automated process.

Our Cellular IOT applications can be attached to trucks and trailers to know about their physical whereabouts. The roaming SIM allows easy tracking of fleet movement between countries. For example trucks and trailer tracking for those plying between Johannesburg,  Pretoria & Capetown or Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. 

IOT platform for indoor inventory tracking

All of the above solutions are integrated with our logistics management system – a full web-enabled software application for mid-size and large logistics providers. Solutions are available on-premise edge devices

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