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RipplesCMMS - RTLS for remote monitoring in warehouses and factories

RTLS in remote monitoring and tracking

 IOT platform for remote diagnostics. Sensor data visualisation tools.

RTLS for remote monitoring, coupled with anomaly detection is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends.

Ripples RTLS solution for the enterprise is engineered to help B2B industries (manufacturing, mining, construction, agriculture, high-tech farming, supply chain) harness the power of the Industrial Internet of Things with Real time Location Tracking systems..

RTLS diagnostics in remote monitoring and tracking

Our remote diagnostics solution, comprising of hardware and software components, as a plug-and-play framework will allow integration with existing ERP solutions to provide single-window information on the infrastructure deployed, their operational efficiencies, a potential avenue for failures, and preventive maintenance schedules. These could be monitoring heritage buildings, high-value plant & machinery, tall structures, bridges, and trees, or in an operating environment such as a production floor, construction sites, mines, logistics yard management, hospital operation theaters, university campuses, etc.

Predictive analytics can help businesses save millions by improving maintenance management – efficiency, reduction in energy usage, higher utilization, lower maintenance, and easier track and trace enabling RTLS in agriculture, Indoor asset tracking, and RTLS in remote monitoring and tracking.

RTLS in Shopfloor monitoring and tracking

Businesses worldwide have invested billions of dollars in capital fixed assets that are yet to provide a return on their investment and firms need to find new ways to enable smart features in them to ensure availability and performance. Although the new generation devices have sensor-based alerts, it is not feasible for many to replace or upgrade their existing fixed assets.  Our RTLS software solution takes a practical and cost-effective approach to enable smartness in your existing fixed assets. We deploy on-premise solutions on Edge Gateway –  an easy-to-adopt Real-time asset tracking starter kit with anomaly detection.

Cost reduction with diagnostics for remote monitoring and tracking

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) especially in the area of industrial automation, supply chain logistics, and manufacturing industries, the application of predictive analytics can help businesses reduce costs and improve asset efficiency and availability.  Smart sensors and RTLS tags attached to existing machinery and other physical goods such as shipping containers, perishable goods, cold chains, manufacturing, and healthcare industries can deliver new insights into many aspects of organizational operations.

Call us to learn how our remote diagnostics and anomaly detection solutions can help improve your maintenance management for asset efficiency, higher revenues, and reduced costs.