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IOT remote inspection savings

IOT remote inspection monitoring, IOT sensor data visualisation tools

IOT remote inspection dashboard – Our client is a leading power generation company based out of Bavaria (Germany). Having a 100-acre region where the plant and machinery are located. The stringent EU law stipulates close monitoring of critical factors that would have an impact on the environment; this is besides the daily operational data inputs needed from the 200-odd devices deployed across the campus. Using sensor data visualization tools on an edge gateway, we can provide remote inspection on rain gauges to humidity monitoring, intruder detection, inspection vehicle tracking, people movement within the zones, transmission gears, repeaters, underground cables, water and gas pipelines, movement of spare parts, etc.

Remote inspection dashboard software

Our IOT remote inspection solution comprised of deployment of over 500 Bluetooth mesh sensor devices, integration of an IoT gateway, and building of the interactive dashboard which helped considerably in remote monitoring, thus the functions cut down the time and efforts spent in sending people over to numerous locations within the campus to collect the manual data.

IOT gateway using Node-RED development

The IoT gateway had to, strictly be on-premise as the organization had a no-cloud deployment policy due to internal security reasons. We build the solutions using a combination of Ubuntu, Node-RED programming, and Django to enable a responsive Grafana Dashboard which could be accessed by the supervisors and inspectors on the go.

With the help of Node-RED development tools, the IoT Edge gateway was installed on low-powered DELL edge devices and the software provided the basic needs for device management, rules for e.mail, push message alerts, data output to LabVIEW, and an API to integrate operational data on to SAP.

IOT remote monitoring, sensor data visualization dashboard

Matthew – the operations manager stresses the need for real-time information. The savings for the organization in fuel costs alone are to the tune of 15000 euros a month; having 10 field trucks to take the inspectors twice a day to collect the data. The sensor visualization tools were deployed with little effort and the device’s autonomy ensured a low cost of maintenance.

The IoT remote inspection solution has helped the firm save thousands of Euros through reduced operational costs, improved accuracy, and real-time time information. The city council to whom the firm supplies power on a 24 x 7 basis has a service level agreement to ensure 99.2% uptime, apart from the planned maintenance.

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