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Industrial monitoring dashboard

Industrial monitoring, automation & control

Industrial monitoring with bluetooth mesh sensors, BLE gateway and dashboard solutions

Bluetooth mesh – When it comes to deploying industrial condition monitoring, a hobbyist approach would never go beyond prototyping. We integrate industrial-grade wireless IOT sensors, Grafana dashboard, data visualization tools and anomaly detection for customers worldwide, and represent some of the innovative manufacturers globally, and has set up an in-house research team to build our own hardware modules.

Industrial grade, noninvasive IOT sensors

Social distancing bluetooth mesh sensors

A lot of legacy equipment and infrastructure exist across the globe and their maintenance and monitoring need physical presence to understand the operating environment and conditions.  Bringing intelligence to these systems would need expensive wiring and electrical certifications. Our wireless solutions take the pain out of deploying industrial monitoring solutions.

Bluetooth mesh for indoor tracking

Grafana developers, India

No wires or soldering or an activity that would make the warranty of your equipment void. Deploy long-range noninvasive IOT sensors for data collection is easy. Should simply be glued or clamped on to the target object to be monitored and the sensor starts transmitting various parameters.

Bluetooth mesh sensor gateway programming

Node-red programming, sensor integration, rules. gateway solutions

No two vendors use the same handshake to communicate with sensor devices, although the claimed standards remain the same. Our expertise is in building robust device management software and integrating gateways for Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa, and Bluetooth mesh sensors.  The sensor data is pushed on to a cloud or local server depending on client requirements, along with integrated push message, text, and e.mail alert that a relevant in an infrastructure maintenance environment.

IOT sensors & protocols supported

We have a range of technology solutions to meet the demands of monitoring, controlling, and tracking in an industrial monitoring environment. Using a combination of wireless sensor technology such as Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Active RFID, and LoRa.

These solutions help in industrial asset monitoring – cold chain freezers, fleet cargo, industrial equipment, and environment monitoring. To measure and manage energy, control temperature, humidity, vibration, light levels, movement & acceleration that allows a proactive monitoring of machines and environment.

Industrial monitoring sensors and battery life

Long battery life plays a key role in ensuring low cost of maintenance – ownership and unwanted interruptions and exclusions while critical high value fixed assets – plant and machinery need 24 x 7 monitoring.

Typical solutions we provide guarantee a 10-year battery life with a transmission frequency of 30 minutes. It makes practical sense when a factory of the warehouse is planning to deploy 1000’s of these sensor devices to track workforce and equipment.

The coverage area of wireless IOT sensors

Where high data transfer needs are a requirement, Bluetooth mesh, active RFID enabled tags to give the ability to be able to monitor and track the high-value objects within a perimeter range of up to 100 meters. A construction yard or manufacturing area of a shop floor or a logistics warehouse where theft or abuse are prevalent. Farm automation and building automation solutions with LoRa technology have a typical range of 1 – 5 miles with a line of sight restriction.

Monitoring moving industrial objects

Some IOT sensors use active readers which can be placed at multiple locations to track the movement and monitor environmental conditions and know the location – as in the case of preventing in-transit cargo theft or knowing the temperature of high-value medicines. This helps in understanding the arrival, departures, check-in, check-outs, potential theft conditions. It also helps in understanding workflow patterns in a supply chain environment. For technologies such as LoRa, the roaming function is seamless in countries such as USA, France, Germany, etc

IOT platform expertise

We bring considerable expertise in building software platforms – custom solutions, evaluating off the shelf components, designing the device management software, farm monitoring dashboards  and are involved in rigorous field test deployments to ensure the IOT solutions work right the first time. We have deployed solutions using AWS and DigitalOcean for building automation solutions, we have deployed Indoor Air Quality building 2-way dashboards for controlling sensors, HVAC, Phillips Hue bulbs, door security, energy management, air quality, etc.

We have developed device management software, gateway development using industrial boards, dashboard software solutions built with open source tools such as Django, Influxdb, Grafana development, integrating with middleware such as Mqtt, Flask & Kepware, building industrial-grade products, done extensive field testing, deployed solutions and provided interfacing with third-party software and hardware.


Industrial Internet of things solutions for factories, warehouses, hospitals, farms, construction sites, logistics eCommerce, retail stores

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