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Real-time Asset inventory management

This is the best time to implement smart automation technologies for production shop floor efficiencies. RTLS in smart factory applications can bring new life through insights from indoor location, workflow, and shopfloor monitoring. These include goods in production, inventory, tools, forklifts, CNC machines, electronic equipment, other high-value goods. Our easy to deploy IoT industrial tracking and anomaly detection solutions can bring intelligence to various objects in a factory, that can reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance your competitive advantage.

IOT smart factory solutions, indoor positioning, shopfloor, workflow monitoring

Supply chain visibility – Inventory Tags on raw material and finished goods to know the movement of goods from supplier location to central warehouse and production

Inventory – Managing the inventory of spares and consumables; knowing their location with higher accuracy for ease of identification and deployment.

Knowledge – Group workforce to understand their behaviour on learning & development. Read RTLS FAQ

Finished goods – Data logging smart devices to capture the usage, temperature, and movement to provide valuable feedback on customer / operating environment; which in turn allows production engineering and marketing teams to improve on segmentation or design new products.

Theft prevention – Control the movement of goods within the organization and generate alerts when an asset moves out of the factory zone.

Pallets & Forklifts – The movement and collision of this heavy equipment can be correlated with people’s safety and workplace compliance.

CNC machines – Understanding the vibration and heat levels to ascertain the likelihood of breakdowns, optimal usage, and conditioning by implementing preventive maintenance analytics in RTLS for smart factory.

Visitors – Implementing vendor personnel indoor positioning & tracking solution to enable factory visitors for safety and security. Implement social distancing on the shop floor

Indoor location for workflow and shopfloor monitoring

Tracking people at work – Attaching Bluetooth mesh tags can throw insights on attendance, people movement, restrictions, security, punctuality, and working patterns.

RTLS for smart factory shopfloor monitoring applications

Our solutions are configured using mesh network sensor integration/data visualisation tools on the Edge device or a cloud environment. Two of the best industrial IoT applications. Deployed on-premise environment for internal use in high-security manufacturing and special economic zones.

RTLS in smart factory & workflow monitoring solutions

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