automation monitoring starter kit for farm to fork, logistics, retailing, Pharma industries.

Every known industry is going through disruption led transformation and those who do not adopt digital technologies to operate their businesses will be left behind in this new normal.

Now is the time to deploy Industrial monitoring and automation solutions. Improve productivity, safety, transparency, traceability, and compliance in industries around the globe. Our ready to install automation starter kits can help you to embrace the digital era new normal.

Central unit

Dashboard alerts & notifications

farm to fork monitoring

Temperature beacons

Partner demo kit for Asia Pacific & Africa regions

The IOT starter kit will be useful for deployment & demonstration in the following broad use cases

  • Air quality + temperature & humidity in indoor farms & greenhouses to avoid diseases
  • Cold chain monitoring in the retail supply chain, stores to ensure the longevity of perishables.
  • Farm to Fork logistics – Supply chain monitoring to capture temperature/arrival details en route.
  • External temperature + humidity beacon in retail store food storage, specimen coolers, wines
  • Dashboard software with data visualization tools, alerts + notifications.
  • Add-on functions to monitor Soil moisture, pH levels, CO2 levels, earthquake warnings, open doors, hand hygiene, etc.
  • Noncontact body temperature for retail/factories – 30 cms distance covered for worker safety
  • RFID wrist band + noncontact attendance monitoring. We can integrate with existing payroll systems.
  • Data analytics and anomaly detection tools for early warning on potential failures
  • 9 Volt DC power adapter source for regular operations with power failure alerts
  • We can also deliver direct AC, battery backup / solar panel powered modules.
  • WiFI network version for transmission of data to the cloud platform
  • Mesh network deployment for large warehouses, factories & hotels
  • An on-premise model can also be deployed on Edge gateway for a secure environment.
  • 4G based communication protocols can also be configured for in-transit monitoring.
  • API integration for third-party software providers and those with own cloud infrastructure.

The IOT starter kit will comprise a powered main unit, a 9-volt adapter, and one Bluetooth beacon for external temperature measurement, login to cloud dashboard software. Also read about our Wirepas indoor tracking solutions

We are currently supplying these solutions to Omron & Avnet in India & Asia Pacific regions. Partnership inquiry solicited. Contact us for more information.

Ripples IoT pte ltd - Avnet partner

Omron sensor modules on mesh network with Data visualisation tools

Ripples IoT - Farm to fork logistics