IOT asset tracking, warehouse inventory tags, worker tracking IOT starter kit

Every known industry is going through a disruption-led transformation and those who do not adopt digital technologies to operate their businesses will be left behind in this new normal.  The IOT starter kit is the ideal starting point towards indoor positioning and business intelligence.

Best IOT starter kit, indoor inventory, worker, asset tracking

Now is the right time to deploy Industrial tracking, monitoring, and automation solutions. Improve workforce productivity, worker safety, transparency, traceability, and compliance in industries around the globe. Our ready to deploy IOT starter kit India can help you to embrace the digital automation era with little effort and within stipulated budgets.

Indoor positioning for inventory & IOT asset tracking. 10+ years battery life.

IOT starter kit - digital twin solutions

IOT platform, sensor data visualisation software. Instant alerts & notifications

Ripples IOT starter kit ; IOT platform as a service

Air quality IOT sensors for PM 2.5 measurement to improve wellness & hygiene.

Indoor location tracking starter kit with air quality monitoring

SensorVision IoT platform provides  Web infrastructure capabilities to support basic and advanced IoT sensor data visualization and analytics solutions and digital business operations.

IOT asset tracking system starter kit India

What is IOT starter kit? The Indoor positioning starter kits will be useful for deployment & demonstration in the following broad use cases. Tracking the indoor location of objects, monitoring air quality, temperature & humidity in warehouses, factories, and hospitals to improve safety & productivity.

IOT asset tracking system starter kit

The Indoor location tracking IOT starter kits for digital businesses will comprise Anchors and Bluetooth mesh beacons for indoor location tracking, temperature, humidity, pressure sensors, login user to IOT platform with sensor data visualization dashboard software.  Digital twin solutions for healthcare, logistics, smart manufacturing & warehousing industries

We are currently supplying Bluetooth positioning sensors, IOT starter kits for smart factories, logistics, warehouses & hospitals.

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Omron sensor modules on mesh network with Data visualisation tools

Ripples IoT - Farm to fork logistics