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Every known industry is going through a disruption-led transformation and those who do not adopt digital technologies to operate their businesses will be left behind in this new normal.  The IOT starter kit for asset tracking, equipped with reliable Bluetooth sensors is the ideal starting point towards measure, locate and track activities, indoor positioning and business intelligence.

RTLS solutions for asset tracking

Now is the right time to deploy Industrial tracking, monitoring, and automation solutions. Improve workforce productivity, worker safety, transparency, traceability, and compliance in industries around the globe. Our ready to deploy IOT solutions starter kit based forklift tracking system can help you to embrace the digital automation era with little effort and within stipulated budgets for factories and warehouses.

The Bluetooth temperature sensor is waterproof & robust. Battery life of up to 10 years, this sensor with an external probe adapts to industrial environments to meet the cold chain traceability problems in warehouses. This temperature logger offers an extra wide measuring range from -80°C to +200°C and perfectly meets the standards of supply chain & logistics providers.

RTLS Forklift GPS tracking

The Bluetooth magnetic detection sensor is waterproof and robust, with long battery life. This sensor solution adapts to industrial environments, it makes it possible to secure the transport of high-value goods by detecting forklift movement tracking, and the opening and closing of truck doors and valves.

The Bluetooth PIR sensor is ideal for indoor infrared detection of the presence and movement of people inside buildings. Its detection distance is adjustable from 10 cm to 5 m on 4 levels and its embedded LED is activated in case of detection and alerted on our IoT solutions platform

Bluetooth sensors. detect location, tilt, and alerts.

IOT starter kit - digital twin solutions

Bluetooth sensor data visualization software.

Ripples IOT starter kit for forklift tracking in warehouses

Bluetooth temperature sensors

Iot solutions, Indoor location tracking starter kit with air quality monitoring

Web infrastructure capabilities to support basic and advanced IoT sensor data visualization and analytics solutions and digital business operations.Bluetooth BUZZ sensor is the ideal product for the identification & tracking of people and equipment within industrial zones. The integrated buzzer can be used to remotely trigger an alert or notification through our platform to warn of potential danger or to refine the location. The Bluetooth proximity sensor is ideal for distance measurement. Compact and waterproof, this sensor can detect the presence of objects, up to 100 cm max depending on the reflection of the object and the ambient light. It is also possible to set an alert threshold on our dashboard for the measurement of distance.

Bluetooth temperature sensors with dashboard

What is an IOT starter kit? The Indoor positioning starter kits will be useful for deployment & demonstration in the following broad use cases. Tracking the indoor location of objects, and monitoring air quality, temperature & humidity in warehouses, factories, and hospitals to improve safety & productivity.

  • Cold chain traceability – Supply chain to ensure the longevity of perishables, and medicine.
  • Warehouse monitoring system – Track workers, forklift, asset inventory, workflow
  • Smart manufacturing – Movement of manufacturing inventory & finished goods
  • Hospital asset tracking. the surgical process waits time, staff movement, housekeeping & rounds.
  • IOT platform – Dashboard with data visualization tools, alerts, and notifications.
  • Indoor positioning analytics – Matrices that brings insights on improving shop floor
  • IOT solutions devices supported include ELA Blue T, Blue mesh, Teltonika Cold chain & Ruuvi

Forklift tracking system with iot starter kit

The Indoor location tracking IOT starter kits for digital businesses will comprise Anchors and Bluetooth mesh beacons for indoor location tracking, temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors, and login user to the IOT platform with sensor data visualization dashboard software.  Digital twin solutions for healthcare, logistics, smart manufacturing & warehousing industries

We are currently supplying Bluetooth positioning sensors, IOT starter kits for smart factories, logistics, warehouses & hospitals.

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Omron sensor modules on mesh network with Data visualisation tools

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