IoT integrated Asset Management Sofware

Asset management software with RTLS

Asset management software with RTLS software for inventory tracking and maintenance management solutions to improve workforce productivity, worker safety, transparency, traceability, and compliance in your business operations management. Our ready-to-deploy IoT starter kit for indoor asset tracking in facilities management, warehouse inventory management, worker safety management can help you to embrace the digital automation era with little effort and within stipulated budgets for factories and warehouses using a low-cost infrastructure

IoT in facilities management - asset management, asset tracking solutions

Facilities management made easy

Overview: Provides a snapshot of key metrics and statistics related to facility operations, such as Occupancy rates, Maintenance status & upcoming tasks.

Notifications: Displays alerts and notifications for important events, such as Maintenance requests  Equipment failures, Scheduled inspections.

Asset Management software

Asset Inventory: Allows users to create and manage a comprehensive inventory of facility assets, including equipment, furniture, and fixtures. It may include details like Asset type, Indoor location, Purchase date, Warranty information & Assigned users.

Real Time Asset Tracking

Enables real-time tracking of assets, allowing users to know the status, indoor location, storage condition, and usage history of each asset.

Maintenance Scheduling: Helps in planning and scheduling preventive maintenance tasks for assets, including inspections, servicing, and repairs.

Work Order Management

Work Order Requests: Allows users to submit work order requests for maintenance or repair tasks. Users can provide details about the issue, attach images, and track the progress of their requests.

Work Order Assignment: Facilitates the assignment of work orders to specific technicians or maintenance staff based on availability, expertise, and priority.

Work Order Tracking: Provides a centralized view of all work orders, their status, assigned technicians, and completion timelines. Users can track the progress, communicate with technicians, and receive updates.

Space Management

Space Allocation: Manages the allocation and utilization of different spaces within the facility, including Offices, Meeting rooms & Common areas.

Allows users to assign spaces to individuals or departments and track occupancy. Space Reservation: Enables users to request and reserve spaces for meetings, events, or specific purposes. Provides an overview of Space availability,  Scheduling conflicts, Approval workflows.

Maintenance and Repairs

Preventive Maintenance: Helps in planning and scheduling routine preventive maintenance activities, such as Inspections, Equipment servicing, Cleaning tasks, tracking of technicians and housekeeping staff.

Reactive Maintenance: Handles ad-hoc maintenance requests and repairs that arise unexpectedly. Allows users to prioritize and assign tasks based on urgency and criticality.

Maintenance History: Maintains a comprehensive log of all maintenance activities, including Work orders

Technician notes, Completed tasks & Associated costs.

Reporting and Analytics with Real Time Asset Tracking IoT in facilities management

Performance Metrics:  Real Time Asset Management Software provides detailed reports and analytics on facility performance indicators, such as

  • Maintenance costs, Asset utilization Work order response time & Energy consumption (Third party application)
  • Trend Analysis: Identifies patterns and trends in facility data to support decision-making and identify areas for improvement.
  • Custom Reports: Allows users to generate custom reports based on specific criteria, such as asset status, work order history, or space occupancy.

Easier to schedule preventive maintenance for the uptime of critical equipment, track of unscheduled repairs, housekeeping, fixed asset management, logistics activities related to assets. RipplesIPS Real Time Asset management is the application for managing mobile assets, plants and technical devices, furniture, etc., and the related logistical, financial and maintenance activities, scheduled and breakdown. It is a cloud subscription based application that helps you understand, organise and keep update the data related to the property (Facility management software), supporting the managing authority’s decision and operative activities. IoT in facilities management is a s CMMS product (Computerized Maintenance Management System) derived from specific and extensive experience in the field, following the rules and best practice.

Bluetooth Low Energy

IOT starter kit - digital twin solutions

Sensor data visualization tools

Ripples IOT starter kit for forklift tracking in warehouses, Asset management software

Cold chain monitoring

Iot solutions, Indoor location tracking starter kit with air quality monitoring

IoT sensor data visualization tools in Real Time asset management software

What is an IOT starter kit? The Indoor positioning starter kits will be useful for deployment & demonstration in the following broad use cases. Tracking the indoor location of objects, and monitoring air quality, temperature & humidity in warehouses, factories, and hospitals to improve safety & productivity.

  • Cold chain traceability – Supply chain to ensure the longevity of perishables, and medicine.
  • Warehouse inventory management – Track workers, forklift, asset inventory, workflow
  • Smart manufacturing – Movement of manufacturing inventory & finished goods
  • Hospital asset tracking. the surgical process waits time, staff movement, housekeeping & rounds.
  • IoT platform – Dashboard with data visualization tools, alerts, and notifications.
  • Indoor positioning analytics – Matrices that brings insights on improving shop floor

Real Time Asset tracking software with IoT starter kit

The Real Time Asset tracking IoT starter kits for digital businesses will comprise Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh beacons for indoor positioning, temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors, and login user to the IoT platform with sensor data visualization dashboard software. 

We are currently supplying Bluetooth Low Energy Indoor positioning sensors, IOT starter kits for facilities management tracking in smart factories, logistics yards, warehouses & hospitals.

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