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Industry 4.0 @ IoT Asia 2019

IoT Asia 2019

One of the major IOT events in Singapore region, IOT Asia brings all stakeholders in Industry 4.0 value chain to one single platform is scheduled for March 27th -28th 2019.

This year we are exhibiting in IOT Asia with our Ripples industrial IOT offerings, under which banner we have the following ready to deploy, retrofit monitoring solutions – comprising of BLE low energy sensors mesh wireless sensors, gateway devices, data visualisation tools and anomaly detection alerts and notification.

IOT smart factories

Supply chain visibility is a major problem faced by manufactures. With Ripples IOT Solution supply chain visibility can be improved enabling quality delivery which in turn improves customer experience. This intelligent solution, with the help of edge analytics, helps supply chain logistics, warehousing, freight logistics management companies to optimise and modernize operations using the latest of technologies to deliver efficiency, customer delight and competitive advantage.

Condition monitoring at IOT Asia 2019

Unexpected breakdown of machineries is a nightmare for manufacturers. Even though they are well maintained, the concealed damages are hard to identify. With Ripples Industrial IOT Solutions, you can monitor equipment usage, performance, operating conditions, etc. of the machineries used inside the shop floor to get actionable insights. This IOT for manufacturing application can be used as a remote asset monitoring solution or can help in data acquisition for your OEE Software, WMS or BMS.

IOT in environment monitoring at IOT Asia 2019

Ready to deploy solutions to monitoring and improve indoor air quality in modern buildings, monitoring structural variations, ambient light, volatile organic compounds, CO2 levels etc.

BLE sensors @ IOT Asia 2019

See our long range Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors for condition monitoring & asset tracking in action, integrated with Dell Edge gateway and data visualisation tools.

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