Logistics PLATFORM

Logistics Management Software South Africa, IOT platform for logistics warehouse monitoring, Operational efficiency monitoring, smart warehouses

Eventually, the greatest value added by the forwarder is its ability to apply deep logistics expertise while handling exceptions for customers – Ripples-FMS is the new normal Logistics ERP software based on the concept of Digital Twin for sustaining competitive advantage, built to help transport logistics, warehousing & logistics equipment rental companies embrace digital transformation during these challenging times. Transform from B2B to an Ecommerce led business. To fine tune Management Information Systems, introduce smart logistics, farm to fork traceability, eCommerce logistics, to improve operational efficiency & enhance customer experience.

  • Captures all phases of the freight logistics business cycle.
  • 11% annual Increase in Truck Utilization
  • 7% Increase in Average Revenue Per Truck
  • 97 % Invoice completions every financial year
  • IOT powered warehouse & cargo monitoring
  • Low Cost of Ownership and 24*7 support desk
  • Integrated with 4G based Cargo Tracking System
  • Correlate driver behavior and truck performance

Cost savings in logistics

  • Many of the consignments are handled improperly, resulting in breakage or damages
  • In transit theft remains a major concern for our transport operations
  • Lack of standard operating procedures are hindering the utilisation of our fleet
  • Our warehouses and workshops are equipped with critical equipment, that fails often
  • We are unable to provide our customers with proof of arrival and departure timings
  • There is no transparancy on the status & handing aspects of our high value cargo.

Logistics platform for Africa

  • Reduce high logistics operations costs
  • Proper invoice & expense management
  • Inventory management and spares optimization
  • Increase productivity of the unskilled workforce
  • Effective truck utilization
  • Managing truck drivers and their schedules
  • Reducing accidents and road fines
  • Customer self service modules
  • eCommerce software for online bookings, rentals
Logistics platform for operational efficiency & customer experience

Our customers include leading names in Africa and India such as J&J transports Mozambique,

  • July 2019 – TCM logistics goes live
  • Jan 2020 – Sunline logistics China goes live
  • April 2020 – Webinar on smart logistics
  • May 2020 – Logistics platform & digital twin
  • June 2020 – Customer engagement platforms

Cold chain & warehouse environment monitoring devices

IOT platform, wireless sensor deployment for no contact body temperature, indoor air quality

Smart warehouse inventory tracking – Understand the inventory levels, movement of goods across warehouse zones, live inventory account of goods and equipment, know the exact location of workers and contractors inside the warehouse, improve office workflow patterns. Read about our smart warehouse offerings.

Workflow, inventory & Indoor positioning systems for smart warehouses

Deploy social distancing technology in warehouses to improve worker safety and productivity. Monitor temperature and humidity inside the warehouse, track air quality (PM 2.5) inside the premises, Measure VOC, CO2 levels, maintain differential pressure, noncontact body temperature, security monitoring include human detection, earthquake detection, glass break, motion sensor for detecting movements during non-office hours.

Driver behavior & fleet tracking
Identify maintenance issues in fleet vehicles, track driver behavior such as Harsh Acceleration, Braking, Cornering, Idle Time, Speeding, etc., correlate truck performance and driver behavior, track driver vicinity near the truck.  Our solutions help in optimising logistics operations.

Supply chain logistics, 4G Cellular IOT for cargo monitoring, smart fleet solutions

4G cellular technology for remote monitoring

Operational efficiency – Estimated arrival & delays, know the time spent at each location, tracking of the gate in/out, monitor unauthorized access inside yards, know the location of equipment and machines within premises, monitor environment parameters, shock/tilt in high-value cargo and perishable goods transit with the help of 3G / 4G enabled tracking devices.

Logistics platform for customer experience management

A cloud infrastructure hosted a web-enabled solution that can be accessed from head office, yards, branches, and provides access to customers and business partners. Bring clarity into your day to day logistics operations, control malpractices, manage finances, enhance the experience of your customers. Unlike other products, Ripples-FMS logistics management software is built around logistics businesses like yours, incorporating eCommerce, customer portal & cargo tracking.  Hence, it is better at solving problems through digital methods and feedback from automated solutions – and making most of the opportunities that are specific to your business – Insights on trucks, dispatches, tracking, monitoring, and reporting. It is also surprisingly affordable, exceptionally easy to implement, and totally relevant. We are confident that we will help change the way you do business for the better. Improving operational efficiency

“We have been able to increase overall efficiency and reduce claims by 15% and the software system has been running without any breakdowns for 10 years now – EDP Manager”

“Your team has provided us with brilliant engineering skills to ensure 100% uptime of our systems that provide back-office support for our 1500 truck operations”

“Had it not been for FMS, we would not have been able to expand our operations to 250+ branches..”

Ripples-FMS can handle all core business operations of your company.

Major Modules are:

Logistics software

  • Booking of consignments came via port.
    Port activities (go through the stages like Document Submission, Taxed, Cleared).
  • Logistic Costs capturing against each order.
    Once all logistics activities completed, then transfer to the transportation.
  • Automatic email alerts like port storage expiry, Loads available, Document Clearance etc.

Customer Rates & Rate Management

  • Predefined customer rates for each customers.
  • Manage Invoicing of each trips.
  • Manage demurrages of each trips.
  • Automatic emails alerts about rate not updated, invoices with difference etc.

Finance module for logistics

  • Voucher Entry & Cash Transfers.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Profit & Loss.
  • Ledger wise Reports.
  • Cashbook Reports.
  • Export information to third party applications (If required).
  • Automatic emails alerts about cash flows and cash balances.

Operations control in logistics

  • Booking of Consignments (Transfer from Logistics or Independent order for transportation).
  • Truck Scheduling & Despatch.
  • Driver Expenses & Fuel for the trips.
    Status Update for each trips.
  • Proof of Delivery capturing with shortage & excess.
    Add Demurrage charges for delays.
  • Trip closing with Mileage shortage capturing, Cargo deduction and Adjust with Driver Advance.
  • Automatic email alerts like loads available, missing pod, empty returns etc.

Stores & Workshop management software

  • Add Job card to address all the problems for the vehicle.
  • Spare Request against the Job orders.
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase of Spares
  • Transfer stocks between branches or warehouses.
  • Stock valuation

Human Resources

  • Complete information about the employees in the company.
  • Payroll preparation.
  • Loans & Advances & adjust against payroll preparation.
  • Capture Staff deductions & adjust against payroll preparation.
  • Driver Bonus preparation based on trips & adjust in payroll preparation.

Claims & Insurance cost savings

  • Sensors to track movement, tampering of goods
  • Capture all the incidents about the vehicle like Accident, Theft & Fines.

Advanced MIS Tool for operational efficiency

  • Forecasting and Trending
  • Business Analytics and Machine learning
  • One Click Information Access for management
  • Separate MIS for Logistics & Transportation
  • Trip wise Profit & Loss
  • Logistics cost savings tips

Asset Management in logistics

  • Capture all the information about the vehicle like Truck, Company Cars etc.
  • Set up the due alerts of various documents like License, Fitness, Other country permits etc.