Node-RED, BACnet & Modbus integration

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Node-RED development & IOT

Node-RED BACnet development India, Singapore, USA, Canada, Australia

We are a reliable IOT platform and IOT prototype services development company with experienced Node-RED BACnet integration developers onboard; As a solutions provider who can deliver IOT prototyping or integrate wireless sensor devices such as Zigbee, LoRa, Bluetooth, etc. We are also integration partners, having the capability to identify, evaluate and integrate the best in class wireless sensor from across the world, built on open source or other data management software that works on a mix of desktop, web, IOS and Android platforms. We integrate leading BACnet devices using our Node-RED development expertise.

Node-RED BACnet and Modbus integration

Our Node-RED BACnet development solutions span verticals such as manufacturing, transport logistics, supply chain, warehousing, smart farming and smart factory for infrastructure management. We provide the right API for third party ERP vendors to integrate their ERP software with our solutions for patient tracking, equipment efficiency monitoring, cargo warehouse monitoring, shipment monitoring, the high value fixed asset tracking, and security management.

Transport logistics and supply chain industries can benefit from Wireless sensor solutions and Bluetooth mesh tag deployment to ascertain the movement, handling, and environment of high-value cargo and shipment. The information can be provided as an API for customers to access real-time status through Android and IOS smartphone devices.

We have partners across the globe and our smart devices and integrated software solutions are built using the best of technologies; having a low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance.  The IOT solutions are integrated on the cloud platform of your choice – IBM cloud with Node-RED development and alternately on DigitalOcean or AWS.

Our IOT platform and solutions help companies access information and operating environment that were not earlier available and our sensor dashboard software and device management solutions enable them. These would help firms to reduce cost, lower breakdowns and understand how customers use products and services.


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