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Ode to friend – Sales and marketing office

Ode to friend – At a simple ceremony this morning, our sales and marketing office (Kerala / Tamil Nadu / Karnataka) was formally inaugurated by Dr. Ashwin Ramakrishnan, an orthodontist by profession and the  managing director of Asoka Hospital Kozhikode (Kerala, India) . It was a touching moment for most of us at Software Associates because in the early 90’s, it was late Dr. T. Ramakrishnan, (Ashwin’s father) our first client and among the first in this community to buy a personal computer for business purposes. He was instrumental in co-creating with the help of his vast knowledge, insights and market inputs to help us build automation solutions around our flagship product Hospital ERP software solution.

Our founders and first team of developers have spent countless late nights with this visionary to give us the right inputs on work flow, screen design and technology, and exposure to writing applications on a multi user network under Novell Netware.

We owe a lot to this fine gentleman – a human being and an orthopedist par excellence whom, both the IT and medical community continue to miss. Thank you for touching our lives.

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