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Telemedicine – online consultation in Hospitals

With the advent of technology, the concept of smart hospitals has evolved. Telemedicine software and online consultation involve new and novel technology to make the treatment effective for patients. One of these ways is online consultation in hospitals. Remote consultation means consultation from a remote area or through remote telecommunication. It is often used in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient in developed countries. Consultation with doctors through online platforms also comes under this type of consultation. If you are suffering from pain and don’t have conveyance for reaching the hospital then remote consultation is the best procedure, you should go for such a situation. During this Corona pandemic, telemedicine is the best procedure to get on.

Telemedicine software in Hospitals

The department of telemedicine in hospitals is a big achievement. With this feature, doctors can treat their patients from millions of miles away. No matter in which country you are living, you can have the treatment. Telemedicine has reduced geographical distance positively. Whether you want to have a diagnosis of your eye or headache, you can have it through telemedicine. In this coronavirus situation where physical distance is as much necessary as treatment, telemedicine is the best way of diagnosis.

Features of online consultation software

There are a lot of features of the remote consultation procedure, some of which are given below:

  • Patient support:

Remote consultation is the ultimate solution to provide patients with support in any health-related problem.

  • Appointment scheduling:

It’s easy to schedule an online appointment with the doctors in remote consultation. You just have to call or fill out a form to have an appointment. 

  • Online consultation:

Online consultation is the best thing about treatment. You don’t have to pay the charges to reach the doctor’s clinic. Not every doctor provides you with the feature of remote consultation.

  • Online prescription:

Online consultation leads to an online prescription. They will provide you with the prescription and you can get the medicine offline, according to it.

  • Online payment system:

When there is the procedure of remote consultation, you also have the feature of doing online payment. Payment through a credit card is the best option available.

  • Alert messages:

Alert messages are sent privately to every patient whenever there is something important like payment, prescription, medicine, or other information.

  • Chatbot system:

The Chatbot system is the major function in the remote consultation procedure. You can talk to them anytime about your health-related problems. 

Along with these, there are a lot of other features in the remote consultation procedure so that you can get faster and on-time treatment.

Advantages of online consultation for patients

Remote consultation has increased the patients’ convenience so that they can get the treatment at the right time. You can also consult with the doctors without having an appointment. Need an emergency checkup, just consult with the online doctors and they will provide you with the best treatment. Many doctors have online pages and can be contacted with the provided phone number. Remote consultation is the best solution for patients who are comfortable having a checkup at their homes.

Patients who are already at risk of getting infections or those who have a weak immune system can get online consultations as it’s easy and efficient for them in all ways. It also saves time and money for the patients as they don’t have to arrange time and money for transport expenses. DHIS 2 integration is possible for the African region.

Advantages of telemedicine, online consultation for doctors

Remote consultation is not only beneficial and time-saving for patients but also for doctors. Many times, doctors don’t have time to visit the hospitals and check the patients. In such cases, they can easily check and treat their patients from a distance. Moreover, doctors don’t have to open a clinic for treating their patients, they can easily do it from their homes. It is also seen that there are better patient outcomes from online consultations. The remote consultation software can store the previous records of the patients and schedule their whole treatment procedure in a better way that automatically leads to better outcomes.

Online consultation also helps doctors to expand their patient ratio as in comparison, they can check more patients online than through face-to-face consultation. Moreover, doctors can get meetings online with specialists without meeting them in person. Primary care physicians often have online meetings with specialists to treat patients in the best possible way.

Advantages of remote consultation for hospitals

Remote consultation is also beneficial for hospitals as it leads to increased patient engagement with the doctors. The doctors can have a meeting with doctors more frequently and comfortably and this leads to better patient outcomes. The relationship between doctors and patients gets stronger with time. In this way, doctors can provide every patient with special care through follow-ups and counseling regularly. In this way, hospitals can earn more revenue than in offline consultation as the doctors can treat more patients in less time through remote consultation.

In short, remote consultation in hospitals is a far better option especially in the present situation of corona when safe distance is a necessity. Remote or virtual consultation is a better option for everyone.

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