Logistics software for efficiency

Ready to deploy logistics management solution with modules for inventory, finance, operations, workshop, stores, payroll, dispatch, invoicing & claims. Sensor enabled to track movement and handling of consignment between different points of the journey. Our team brings over 15 years of expertise in building & implementing software for optimising logistics operations. Leading transport operators such as Sunline, J&J Africa etc have been using our solutions to improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience.

Optimising logistics operations
  • Efficient use of trucks based on the multiple legs scheduling.
  • Tracking of empty legs with its kilometers.
  • Proper checking of the vehicle condition like tyre life capacity, tyre inspection.
  • Centralised point to communicate between the branches about the consignment status,truck status etc.
  • Proper alerts to get the details like Demurrage expenses and delay details about consignments.
  • Validations to ensure the empty containers drop off done properly to avoid the unwanted demurrages to shipping lines.
  • Easy tracking of shortages or damages to the consignments.
  • Proper alerts on the expiry of dues, insurance, and permits to avoid unwanted costs using our logistics software
  • Validations to maintain the sequence of the trip and capture all legs.
  • Empty legs need to create manage trip sequence.
  • After every trip a mandatory checking will be there in FMS to ensure all the truck is good to go.
  • Tyre inspections can be done through tyre branding (FMS generated serial number checking at inspection time) concept.
  • After every trip, mandatory to update the POD to move to invoice stage and in the POD side can mark the shortages and damages.
  • Regular automatic email alerts to the staff like the storage expiry of consignments & drop off pending to shipping line etc.
Proper Expense and Invoice Management
  • Configure the standard expenses and standard rates in the masters by top management.
  • Users have the right to add the order details and then will calculate the expenses and income side automatically using our logistics software.
  • Regular alerts on the pending expenses approval, trips to be invoiced through emails like Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
  • Automatic calculation of income and expense will eliminate the errors from user level and provide accurate invoices. Multiple verification to ensure there is no manipulations did from any level.
  • Manual entry of amounts will be blocked and all data will be captured from the masters configured.
  • Multiple levels of user rights to ensure the edits and changes will happen through the trusted sources only.
  • Keeping the log to check how the details edited and who changed and what time changed, also the reason will be captured.
  • Regular email alerts can configure to send any of the users, managers like pending to invoice, invoiced with difference etc.
Unskilled Workforce / Lack of Education
  • Pre-configured workflows through software will handle the day to day operations.
  • Structured implementation and training will give users to use the software easily.
  • Can record the training attend by each employee and easily identify each employee is capable of doing and assign a new set of training to be done and track whether they have completed or not.
  • Based on the structured workflow the users have to finish one section to move to another section.
  • There will be an option to configure the training required to the employees and what training attend by the employees.
Managing Inventory
  • Create the systematic method to avoid the theft like quotation, purchase order and purchases.
  • Multiple quotations can check and purchase the spares from the cost effective suppliers.
  • Blacklist the suppliers who is not maintaing the purchase policies. Multiple levels of approval and checking will give the tranparancy in expenses like purchase.
  • There is a sequence of workflow to purchase an item in FMS like – Quotation – Purchase Order – Purchase Entry.
  • Each sections need to be protected by top level approvals to proceed to the next stage.
  • Barcode generation and brand number generation to track the spares and tyres in stock easily.
  • Single click of analisys about the stock values of spares and tyres in the stores as well as in the trucks.
  • Easy steps to manage the returns from trucks and purchase returns to the suppliers and adjust the credit notes against the bills.
Workforce productivity
  • Based on the frequent complaints in workshop can identify the repeated issues and make the necessary actions or awareness to the drivers or employees
  • Log all kind of issues when truck reported to the workshop and have statistical report about the frequent issues happening and reporting in the workshop against the trucks for optimising logistics operations.
Improved Customer Service
  • Customers have access to their trips/orders through a portal and they know the exact details and tracking of their consignments using IOT in logistics
  • Customer portal to enable customers to view their own consignments details and the pending invoices etc.
Effective Utilization of Trucks
  • Can identify the number of trucks available, used and in the workshop. Also able to track the good condition trucks that is in idle status for how long days.
  • Will have statistical update about the total trucks and number of trucks used for operations in monthly basis from MIS.
Driver Management
  • Based on the driver activities can create a driver ranking system and provide the required training to the drivers and can identify the problem making drivers and take the necessary actions
  • At the time of trip closing capturing the mileage shortages (standard fuel for the route and used fuel), cargo deduction calculation based on the shortages and damages and these amounts will be deducted from the salary as well as create the ranking based on the master configuration.
Accidents & Fines Reduction
  • Record all accidents details & fines details and then prepare and give awareness programs to the drivers and staffs based on the number of incidents happening.
  • There is a screen to capture all the claims details like accident,fines and theft with the reasons and then can prepare the monthly report based on that and identify which areas have the problems and what kind of actions can take.
Employee Performance Management
  • Can have a track of employee performances through KPI Targets and achiveables like invoicing delay etc.
  • We will capture the dispatch date, POD date, bill generation date and amount received dates for all entries. Based on this will calculate each departments average time to generate the POD receival, bill generation, amount received days and match with the KPI targets set by the management in optimising logistics operations.