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Patient CRM, hospital patient portal

The new normal for the healthcare industry is a reality and a patient CRM is a necessity. Patients will visit hospitals only when medical complications arise or they need to admit them for procedures such as Pregnancy, Hernia, Gall bladder stone removal, etc.

The need for patient CRM?

Our patient relationship management analytics solutions will immensely help in assuring regular communication between hospitals and patients in their catchment areas for improving loyalty during these unprecedented times. Eye clinic software improves the patient experience.

The integrated PRM solution insights will assist hospital public relationship officers in getting to understand the needs of the patient and direct them to the patient portal software and hospital inventory prediction to provide optimised procurement of medicines and laboratory reagents. Manage product category and order fulfillment requirements. In case there is a need for the patient to make a visit, it is imperative to implement physical distancing technologies in hospitals for the safety of staff and visitors

The system is also connected with online consultation to enable doctors to connect with patients and take immediate action where needed.

The patient CRM solution can work independently or be integrated with ERP for hospitals for accessing the outpatient database.

The advanced analytics functions would proactively pinpoint patients who are likely to fall ill or forget regular medication.

We serve over 300 healthcare institutions across 18 states in the East African, Indian subcontinent & Asia Pacific regions.

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