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Enabling online selling for hospitals

Django e-commerce shopping store for eye hospitals, laboratories, clinics for pharmacy, laboratory, medical checkup

E-commerce development company – The current market situation due to Covid19 entails social distancing technology and limited access to products from specialty companies. The healthcare sector is hit due to lack of patients visiting hospitals and the pharmacy sale is a key aspect of revenue contribution. Digital transformation is the way forward, by applying technology for hospitals to tide over the economic situation prevailing in many countries.

Hospitals selling pharmacy products online

With the help of the telemedicine portal, patients will be able to consult the doctor and with the help of e-commerce software, the hospital will be able to allow patients to order the prescription medicines for home delivery. The healthcare industry is going through a major transformation and Uberisation is the way forward for survival.

The e-commerce software packages are usually hosted on cloud servers provided by reliable vendors such as Digitalocean and Amazon Web Services.

The payment gateway for hospital E-commerce software

Using payment gateway solutions such as Razorpay etc, the hospital s can provide patients with facility to make online payments – either through credit/debit cards or net banking facility. This will help in immediate packing and despatch of pharmacy medicines for home delivery.

The e-commerce platform will also help patients and their dependents to order laboratory tests, ECG, General health checkups. Hospitals can provide these services at home upon confirmation of the order and successful authorization of payment.

The e-commerce solution can be integrated with the patient portal to give the hospital a single-window engagement with the patient and relatives. Existing Eye hospital software solutions can be integrated with e-commerce platforms

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