Dashboard for monitoring
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Dashboard for monitoring

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Dashboard software, anomaly detection solutions 

Remote monitoring solutions

Remote monitoring software

The world has changed since February 2020. With Work from Home, remote conferences, remote schools & remote monitoring. With the advent of Internet of Things, technology has made it easier to enable us remotely monitor many aspects of an enterprise. Be it people or facilities. Let us talk about a few simple scenarios. Watch a live dashboard

The components of a remote monitoring solutions would comprise of sensor devices, a transmission medium, a data storage facility and the monitoring dashboard software as the one depicted above. These monitoring solutions are usually easy deploy and are built on open source technologies to ensure regular upgrades and open protocols to connect with other software systems for data sharing purposes.

The dashboard software is what makes information readable and understandable to the users. It is the component that organizes and presents the digital information onto a computer or smartphone device in a simple and understandable manner. Businesses, users & companies are coming to the realization that they can be more efficient with the use of their resources and are able to provide more value to their customers by being able to remotely monitor people & equipment with dashboards. With the assistance of monitoring dashboards; operators and users can monitor and manage specific processes and strategies related to the health of equipment, facilities and people, and they can control and access an environment from any corner of the world.



patient remote monitoring software

Remote patient monitoring

By providing wearables to patients, hospitals an care givers can monitor vital parameters such as heart beat, pulse rate, SPO2 etc sitting at the hospital. The early warning signs can be alerted and appropriate action can be taken. This includes, regularly courtesy calls, doctor visiting the patient and in emergency cases, sending an ambulance to collect the patient.

Pillbox - IOT for elderly care reminder for medicinesThe pillbox is an instrument which enables elderly patients on reminding when to take, which medicines on time. Data is transmitted to the prescription system using WiFi to integrate with dashboard

Remote equipment monitoring dashboard

With sensor devices fitted on mission critical equipment, it is now possible to remotely monitor the working condition of pumps, motors, compressors etc in factories, cold storages etc on a regular basis. The work from home employee can assess this information from her smartphone or desktop. Parameters such as abnormal vibration, over heating, tilt, opening of doors are some of the activities which can be remotely monitored

Dashboard software for equipment monitoring in factories,

dashboard software for remote monitoring in factories, warehouses

remotely monitoring dashboard software in farms, vineyards, cattle, poultry.

Dashboard for remote monitoring in farming industry

Parameters such as water levels, pH readings, soil moisture, Carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity & ventilation will have an impact on the growth and storage of farming produce. Remotely monitoring farming environment can help in improving crops and its shelf life.

Anomaly detection using dashboard monitoring

By configuring high and low values, we can use alerts and notifications to capture abnormal values. How about detecting specific patterns ? Such as power failures during certain hour of the day or temperature always high during noon time ? Well, the anomaly detection function in our dashboard software for remotely monitoring facilities can help.

Anomaly detection software for factories, warehouses,

Dashboard solutions with alerts & notifications

Our remote monitoring dashboard solutions have the facility to configure alerts based on high and low value readings taken from sensors. For example, in the case of non contact body temperature readings, when the value exceeds certain levels, the dashboard software can send an alert can be sent to the human resource department to take immediate action. Or in case of power failure in a cold storage, an SMS can be sent to the maintenance team to ensure that perishable goods are not spoilt.

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