Safe shopping

Safe shopping

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Safe eCommerce shopping & delivery

Post the Covid19, New normal era, as we call it. There is a need to have transparency on customer and workforce health aspects. Indoor air quality is related to ventilation inside warehouses, retail stores, malls, logistics pickup, and drop points. According to the latest report from WHO, the virus can spread through the air and businesses need to implement technology accordingly. 

Noncontact body temperature

Now that lockdowns are eased in many cities across the UK, Germany, and Nederlands, the consumer needs protection from spread through communities. A noncontact body temperature system will ensure that both, employees and shopping customers can be provided with a seamless monitoring system.

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Physical distancing in eCommerce warehouses

It is obvious that walk-in customers, eCommerce logistics, and workforce in warehouses need to ensure physical distancing. An indoor positioning system that can be deployed using wireless technology is apt for the situation – as they can be quickly deployed, requires no certification, and a Bluetooth tag will avoid radiation risks.

Typical e-Commerce store software will be having functions such as customer login, discount coupons, secure payment, shopping cart, order confirmation, product categories, similar product listing, product storage condition, date of arrival, product review, account management.

The store owner will have options to review the order, understand the fulfillment status such as pending, scheduled for delivery, delivered, customer not available, store pickup, cancellation & reordering. Integration should be provided with backend inventory systems and payment gateways such as m-Pesa and Pesapal or Razorpay.



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supply chain visibility, smart warehouse

A well-built eCommerce store for logistics/warehousing operations would have a robust architecture to handle security, safety, and the ability to handle a large number of online customers.

The eCommerce solution should also have the capability to integrate with payment gateway solutions such as Worldpay, Pesapal, and the capability to interact with the smart warehousing system on realtime inventory, temperature, handling, etc to support farm to fork logistics visibility.

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