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2 G / 4G for logistics cargo tracking

Logistics IOT platform, supply chain logistics, Logistics management system, Logistics cargo tracking solutions Now you can easily deploy our 2G and 4G SIM card, Cellular IOT and Bluetooth beacon solutions to track the movement of the fleet and valuable cargo transported across multiple locations – from Procurement to Production lot to Warehousing and distribution. This wireless technology-based solution would help supply chain logistics industries in increasing productivity, reducing costs, enhancing customer service, reducing theft of cargo, misuse of trucks and ensure on-time reporting.
Truck Tracking solutions
  • Location-based information
  • Geo-fences –  Automatic dispatch once the truck leaves a particular location marked. 
Driver Behavior & 2G / 4G SIM & Cellular IOT
  • This can be used in Trucks and Company Cars provided to the managers).
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Idle Time
  • Speeding
This function is integrated into Logistics Management Software with cargo deduction, mileage shortages and generate reports like Driver Ranking, Awareness Programs conducted, Driver Bonus calculations, etc by taking cargo deduction and mileage shortages.
Scheduled Maintenance in smart fleet
  • This can be done through running times or link to odometer reading and kilometers.
  • Through this, we can schedule preventive maintenance for the trucks instead of checking once a problem occurs.
Driver Identification using smart fleet solutions
  • Can link between truck performance and driver identification through which driver making the problem with the truck automatically.
  • Prevent the drivers or machine operators using the equipment if not certified in the case of transportation of hazardous goods
Areas where smart fleet solutions can be applied
  • In Stores – high-value cargo can be tracked its location and movement.
  • If any goods can be transported between warehouses, then if possible to track the vehicle and goods details.
  • People tracking and unauthorized entry prevention.
  • High-value cargo transportation, perishable goods transportation.
  • Tire tracking – as per the requirement from workshop departments
  • Gate In/Gate Outs in Yard/Port/Regular Customer Door Steps.
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