Physical distancing technology

Physical distancing technology

Improving workplace safety & security

We cater to multiple indoor positioning requirements across these verticals and are well experienced with numerous business pain points associated with these industries. Alleviating such pain points and the introduction of the aforementioned innovative features within such industries come under our forte and go on to extend our credibility in this space.

The solutions can be deployed in construction sites, hospitals, warehouses, mines, shipyards, and corporate offices.

The wireless social distancing technology is easy to deploy and is integrated with Bluetooth beacons, Edge gateway devices, report builder and analytics software

Dashboard Screenshots (Healthcare deployment)

Figure 1: This figure details the visits made by a doctor to different zones within a hospital

Social distancing technology for warehouses, hospitals, mines, shipyards

Information such as entry and exit time along with duration records can be co-related with similar reports generated by other visitors/staff within the hospital which would go on to provide significant insights in to contact tracing efforts that would be made in the unfortunate case of a visitor or staff contracting Covid-19

Figure 2: This screenshot depicts the zone wise staff, patient visitor details

Social distancing software and beacons