Softbank, Dell EMC & Omron

Industrial automation solutions

Asset tracking software, Indoor Air quality monitoring solutions for hospitals, factories, warehouses

Within a short span of 2 years, our industrial automation solutions have attracted the mindshare of leading companies such as Softbank Japan, Dell EMC, and Omron. Our integrated solutions – comprising of sensor devices, gateways, data visualization tools, and asset tracking software is being showcased at various business forums organized by these global giants.

Dell EMC – Wireless Asset monitoring & inventory tracking

Imagine the ability to monitor your production shop floor and warehouse inventory with 5 metre accuracy. To locate stationary and moving objects. To monitor the working on critical plant and machinery. Blending the human elements of workflow and productivity. It’s a measurement and monitoring tool that is hard to beat. Thanks to our asset monitoring software platform on the cloud.

Recently showcased at Dell EMC workshops in Thailand and Malaysia, and have lined up a few more in the Asia Pacific regions for the year 2020.

Our Singapore operations were part of the Dell EMC APAC Webinar on Shopfloor monitoring.

Softbank – Environment monitoring solutions.

Measuring harmful content in the air we breathe is important. Our wireless mesh solutions provide indoor environment monitoring – IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), CO2, Volatile Organic compounds, Temperature, Humidity, pressure, etc. Softbank recently signed an MOU with us to promote these solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

Omron – Ecosystem partner

Omron electronics recently showcased our wireless mesh enabled  Indoor Air quality monitoring kits at their annual distributor event in India.

We also have a partner in the building automation space, based our of America.

Stay tuned for more updates on our asset tracking software, inventory tracking software, environment monitoring, aircraft & shipyard repair monitoring, warehouse inventory optimization solutions.


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