Software Associates India customer centric project management - supply chain logistics, healthcare, warehousing industries

Netra 2.0 - ophthalmology practice management, eye hospital management software from Software Associates India

Vikas 2.0 cloud based speciality hospital ERP systems

Ripples-FMS - transportation logistics ERP software on cloud

Ripples IOT solutions for asset tracking, indoor positioning systems

IOT sensor data visualization tools

About Software Associates India

Software Associates Infotech – ERP solutions

Established in the year 1991, the Software Associates India (SA) group of companies has been providing ready to deploy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for India and Africa regions in the domain of healthcare, and transportation logistics, serving over 250 customers across 22 states in India, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique & Maldives, supporting them with regular product updates and a robust Helpdesk and technical assistance. The solutions are predominantly built using open-source frameworks, low on deployment and maintenance costs.

Software Associates India – IoT solutions

While the software services arm started with web application development for B2B markets in the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and the United States; pivoted into an Iot Solutions provider, serving developed nations such as Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Denmark, and others. WemakeIoT and Ripples IoT cater to a global audience, ready to deploy IoT platform solutions for asset tracking, sensor data visualization, and building automation.

We have been a zero-debt organization all the while, our books of accounting are squeaky clean, with no pending taxes or litigations. We pay our suppliers and people on time, care for the environment and have a zero-waste policy at the workplace.

We continually partake in community-building activities and have contributed voluntarily in supporting startups and government initiatives, participated in leading trade shows around the world, which include NPC, CeBIT Hanover, IT Asia, IoT Asia, IoT solutions world congress Barcelona, Sensor expo SFO, Medical etc to name a few

Our clients include names such as Sun Pharma, Schlumberger, NUS, ZF gears, Worldarchitecturenews, Mastercard Singapore, J&J Africa,TCM Zambia,