Workplace safety is a matter of concern

Globally, businesses are slowing getting back to the next normal. The vaccine trials are happening at breakneck speeds and  the world is is eagerly looking forward to the official release of these products that will help control the pandemic.

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Linkages between COVID-19 and air quality

Poor air quality is an important risk factor for both acute and chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. People who have these underlying medical conditions are thought to be at a greater risk of developing severe disease from COVID-19 infection; thus, air pollution is most likely a contributing factor to the health burden caused by COVID-19.

The leisure, entertainment and healthcare industries are in dilemma. The need to balance livelihood and safety among the workforce, ensuring full protection to customers, the need to maintain physical distancing. Indoor air quality in hospitals, hotels, and conference areas is of much importance, and the need to constantly monitor the PM 2.5 levels. This will make sure the air we breathe is safe from potential virus particles.

Indoor positioning system

With the advent of wireless indoor positioning systems, the cost of deploying such location tracking systems has reached affordable levels for small businesses to start adoption and reap the benefits of indoor positioning analytics. Knowing the indoor location of key resources, production planning using inventory trackers, workplace safety, warehouse & factory floor monitoring. Read more on Indoor positioning systems.

Cloud dashboard for Indoor Air Quality

Our Indoor Air Quality solution has two models. One has LED indicators that shows the current state of air quality. Green – Orange and Red. The IOT enabled version has a dashboard with historic data which can be given to your workfore and customers to under stand the safety levels.

Thermal scanner for workplace

Thermal scanners are effective in detecting people who have a fever (i.e. have a higher than normal body temperature). They cannot detect people who are infected with COVID-19. There are many causes of fever. However, thermal scanners can provide an early warning for those likely being infected by Covid 19, for further tests.

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Indoor air quality in restaurants, hotels, conference halls

Deploying our Indoor air quality and thermal scanner module at your premises will be of great help in assessing the risks involved with Covid 19.  We offer a range of standard and customised hardware and software modules that integrate with building automation systems, farm automation, industrial monitoring and workplace safety solutions.

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