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Automated Industrial monitoring and control management solutions considerably increase the efficiency of the production process by expanding area coverage and significantly reducing operational and maintenance costs. Industrial automation solutions enhance both IOT sensor data acquisition scope and reliability and facilitate growth and expansion through the deployment of scalable systems.

However, until recently, the full potential of industrial automation monitoring and control solutions was limited by the drawbacks of conventional wired networks. To start with, wired networks are extremely costly, difficult to deploy maintain and often exceed $90 a meter. Costs apart, wired solutions are simply not feasible in many remote, hazardous or hard-to-access, yet mission-critical locations in factories, warehouses, hospitals, hi-tech farms, etc.

The emergence of wireless sensor networks has made industry experts even more acutely aware of traditional wired networks’ limitations.

The advent of Wireless Sensor Networks brought many a liberation from wired limitations, but initially presented their own challenge: integration. A wide variety of proprietary solutions made handshaking very difficult, if not near to impossible. IEEE802.15.4 emerged as the basic foundation for standards-based wireless network solutions that overcame integration challenges while meeting the unique needs of both wireless and wired devices.

IEEE802.15.4-based standards were designed to include features, like reliability and self-healing, support for a large number of devices, fast and easy deployment, long battery life (5+ years), high security, lower cost, global compliance and vendor independence.

With the IEEE802.15.4/ standard in place, we continue to realize the potential of Wireless Sensor network-based industrial applications with its ZigBee modules, best in class sensors, IOT dashboard software and apps for industrial automation, remote monitoring and conditioning.

Our Bluetooth module, for example, presents an ideal solution for an industrial setting. Occupying less than 2 square inches of space, the module provides superior wall penetration and superior outdoor line of sight range while keeping power consumption at a very low level. With Wireless Sensor Network technology, we continue to build more professional-grade applications in the industrial automation area, reducing costs and improving efficiency for smart buildings, farms, and warehouses.


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